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How to Import vBulletin Forum into bbPress on WordPress

few years back i proudly posted of migrating to vBulletin premium forum system and boasted about the great move I made back then! Sadly, I am having to change my opinion after few years of being on the vBulletin platform which I paid 300 USD (just to download). I must admit that it is one of the most powerful and scalable forum script as of today but they lack that kind of support and customer service. It is always good when everything goes smooth but things change once you are hacked or your forum breaks.

Several times, I observed that the forum was broken and I managed to fix it with some break-fix techniques but finally my forum was hacked and without me knowing, the system was injected with several shell scripts by malicious hackers and never knew about this unless I started observing several phishing attempts from my server. I was quick to clean up and change passwords, in a matter of hours, I was hacked again! Later on further investigation I found that there were scripts everywhere hidden into folders with legit looking file names. It became very hard as I did have the below challenges / road blocks with vBulletin: Read more

PHP Error: failed to open stream: Permission denied [Solved]

While migrating or installing new scripts on PHP like WordPress CMS might throw you with an error listed below. Today, I would like to share a simple solution to this problem and also explain why this error occors. The above error is purely related to “Permissions” or CHMOD values on your linux server and can be easily fixed by changing them.

Usually this error will be accompanied with a file name that the script is not able to access.  Firstly, open up your file manager and navigate to the file – you will be surprised to observe the CHMOD value set to “000″. Simply change it to 644 or 755 and the error will be gone! Hope you were able to find this small fix helpful. Read more

How many more SEO Jokes? Link Removal Request

It is hilarious to see how online businesses respond to the intelligent changes that Google brings into the industry to clean up the mess. With small and big frequent algo-updates, Google is already famous for shattering online businesses overnight, now see how the industry is responding to such changes. Earlier SEO used to depend on the question, – “how many backlinks do you have” now, there is second question tagged to the first – “How good are your backlinks?”.

With Google rolling out serveral disaster recovery tools and strategies (disavow) and a recovery spokesperson (Matt Cutts, who else) – there are two changes – people are left more confused and Matt Cutts video’s become more popular! Jokes apart from this one, the biggest platform running link directories have come up with a Mod to help directory owners make hay while the link shines. A new feature to force people to pay to get their bad link removed from their directories – Innovative! Read more

How to make Full width BBPress Forum pages

A simple tutorial on how you could convert your bbPress Forum into a full width forum template allowing the forum to span throughout the website. Firstly you will have to understand where the bbPress system will pick up the page template for its default forum page.  bbPress by default checks for ‘bbpress.php’, ‘forum.php’, ‘page.php’, ‘single.php’, ‘index.php’ files in your theme’s directory and further uses the file in the same order of availability. If you find any of these pages in the order in your theme directory, use them, else make a forum.php template by copying the source of page.php.

To achieve the full width look, firstly change the primary class value to wide. Basically search and add the class=”wide”. Next, remember to remove the line that calls the sidebar. You are done. Check out the below screenshots for a better idea!  Read more

How to know if Google has Penalized my website?

It is quite difficult to know if your website has been penalised by Google unless your observe a huge dip in the traffic and your website either disappears from the search results or gets sandboxed. Today I will share a more comprehensive method to find out if your site has been penalised.

Check out the below screenshots of a popular SEO tool that shows each and every small and big Google algorithm updates and the probability of impact of the same  (both positive and negative) on your website. It is a very interesting fact that many of the data pointers you get from this tool really turned out to be good. Will keep you guys posted with more of my findings on the same soon. Read more

How to Install WordPress plugins directly from Github?

We have always installed WordPress plugins directly through the WordPress admin dashboard and thats as easy as a search and click. Now today we will learn a little different method to install a WordPress plugin from the popular code repository – Github. The embedded video is an excellent explanation of how to do this. Came across this last week and thought I will share this to my readers! Here you go.. Let me know what you think about this method after trying it out

The Best Payment Gateways for eCommerce In Australia 2014

If you are looking for a dependable, popular payment gateway company to choose for your online business in Australia, I’ll give you a few pointers. It is vital that you select a payment gateway service provider in Australia itself if your business is Australian. You will have to develop your own website and its the checkout part where the Payment gateway is integrated to. Most of the best companies have ready to use solutions for popular CMS / eCommerce systems like Magento, Open Commerce, OScommerce, WordPress etc.

Below are the top payment gateway service providers in Australia for the year 2014. If you have had previous experience using any of the services below, drop in a note on your experience. Read more

Advanced SEO Learning Guide

Nowadays everyone seems to know everything about SEO except for Google! On a serious note, from my understanding, SEO is always evolving improving and changing. It is always good to choose the right resource for your continued learning. Yeah, there are several people talking about SEO but it is always a good idea to learn by testing from what you see around. Here is an excellent resource if you want to learn further about SEO and push it beyond just the basics. An set of organised SEO articles that you might enjoy.