Is it Better to Use a Pipe or Dash in Page Titles?

The pipe ( | ), is a search engine operator that tells the search algorithms that the phrases on either side are it are of equal importance.When a string of words in a tag are evaluated, the first word inherits the highest weight, the last word the lowest and the steps are determined by how many words are in the string. The pipe makes the first word after it the same weight as the first word.

A hyphen ( – ) connects the words in a title An underscore ( _ ) separates words in a title, Some experts claim underscores stop engines from reading the entire title. Avoid using the underscore A Comma ( , ) separates phrases but does not restart the weighting process so words following a comma are  not considered important Use “&” vs “and” , the later will only have weight if the user search all  the all the words before and after “and” (more…)

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How to get unused Twitter Handle URLs for you

Often when you work hard creating a new brand and brand name, you eventually end up discovering the exact brand’able Twitter handle or username is already registered and remain dormant. The handle might be with a inactive Twitter user which might be of great value for you but alas!

Twitter has been trying hard to identify inactive Twitter accounts and release the handles for public to ensure that Twitter continue to remain useful for brands and individuals.

Below are some useful information and resources that could help you learn more about Twitter’s policy on how such inactive handles are released for public. In addition, you have an option to request to claim back a inactive Twitter handle if you own a .com domain or related trademark by filling the impersonation form (if you believe you are the right person to use that Twitter account.) (more…)

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Authorship Creeping into Google Search Algorithm

Even though this tool is in its Beta Stages, my understanding of how it works is it should be calculating the authorship ranks based on various aspects like the metrics of the website the author writes for including Majestic Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Moz Domain and page authority, Google Page rank etc. and deriving an average rank of the author for the number of posts it makes.

How accurate are Authorship Ranks?

The more surprising fact by which I derive this particular tool is quite inaccurate is the fact that I have a HIGHER authorship rank than Rand Fishkin and that makes it weird because he is a much much powerful author in the industry that I am. What ever it be, Google Authorship has been recently becoming a key criteria in SERP ranking factors with Google making changes to the Algorithm to fine tune the search results based on more realistic parameters like sorting out content based on Powerful Authors. (more…)

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Best Australian Web Hosting Companies

Below are the list of the best and most popular Web Hosting hosting companies in Australia as of today. There could be many more, in case I have missed out any that looks like a great option for you, please feel free to drop in a note, I will try to include the same to the list.

This is a dynamic list and will continue to change, evolve and improve based on the inputs from my readers and experts. Even though Australia lacks great options when compared to the USA or UK, especially when you compare the feature to the cost, these are the options you have.

made in australia hosting (more…)

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