Best Australian Web Hosting Companies

Below are the list of the best and most popular Web Hosting hosting companies in Australia as of today. There could be many more, in case I have missed out any that looks like a great option for you, please feel free to drop in a note, I will try to include the same to the list.

This is a dynamic list and will continue to change, evolve and improve based on the inputs from my readers and experts. Even though Australia lacks great options when compared to the USA or UK, especially when you compare the feature to the cost, these are the options you have.

made in australia hosting

It could  be very tempting for one to buy a cheap and great US hosting instead of the expensive Aussie servers. On the flip side if your website and business is based on Australia and you are expecting some geographical server location advantage (sometimes for SEO also) and to spread some love back to your home country. (more…)

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How to leverage Browser caching on your WordPress Blog

Often to improve the speed of your website or blog, there are several aspects that you could tweak to improve the loading speed. One of the such a key aspect is leveraging browser caching for you WordPress blog or website. Even if you are running WordPress or a different CMS or even be it a static website, on your web server you can create a .htaccess file and place the below code to enable browser caching.

To explain a little further, by leveraging browser caching on WordPress blog, you can reduce the number of HTTP requests that the server requires in order to process the page.

This practice, reduces the page load time further by caching static elements of the website like images, CSS, PDF, Java script files etc. Simply paste the below code at the top of the .htaccess file and save it to enable browser caching. (more…)

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Dine & Drink Restaurant WP Theme Review

This particular theme is best suited for any kind of restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, bakery, cake, mexican cuisine, pasta, pizza, ice cream, japanese, sushi, salad etc. Among many of the WordPress themes online for restaurants and cafes, this is one of the best one that i liked due to the design and the flexibility it offers to webmasters

The main features of the theme are that you can Fully customise – Unlimited Color Schemes, Header and background image uploader, 3 Amazing Food Menu Styles, Additional Pricing, Food Menu Badge/Icon, Fully Responsive design, Reservation, Admin Theme Options.

Theme Download | Theme Demo (more…)

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