Being informed – Not Being Scammed!

It is so important that webmasters around the world stay informed and stay away from new and newer formats of internet scams from everywhere. Scams are in different forms, they make it so legitimate that they lure you into what they want you to do! or Submission Scam: This is one of the best jokes I read in my emails recently and the spam system appropriately moved it automatically into junk folder. However, I didn’t want it gone down the drain so easy, wanted to make sure there are not many webmasters falling into such pits of creating a zone of worry.

The kind of emails you get..

The scammers makes it look like they are sending an official email from the Godaddy or somewhere and this is quite serious and close to pretending to be someone official and trying to steal the trust of legit users.

domain scams now in show

Look at the way they have created a sense of urgency as if this is the final notice to submit to their directory haha what a joke! Also see how the emails and website addresses are masked? the diplay url of the links are but the links point to, thats again something dodgy, isnt it?

domain name submission scammers

Look at the above screenshot, this is the final piece of this joke – failing to submitting to our directory by the final date will cancel the offer making it difficult for customers to locate you on the web 😉 haha does that mean, you own the internet or Google?

Take home essence 

You could receive 1000s of such emails every day and luckily many of us have learnt to ignore and just laugh them off, but many of us are pushed into a worry zone making them feeling “am i losing out something”?

Dont worry, just remember, you have to only take 3 forms of notifications in Online / Internet / Website business serious for your success:

  1. Take your domain and hosting (secondary) renewals serious – Emails from your official web hosting company and domain registrar and act immediately.
  2. Signup on Google Webmaster tools and keep a close eye on manual actions, notifications and messages – Get officially communicated by Google and even request to index your site on the web.
  3. DMCA or copyright notices – If you are notified on some DMCA complaints or notifications etc. be prompt to respond and stay on top of it.

Finally, relax and learn to ignore or report such emails so that you don’t fall for it. People seriously needs to learn ways to build business on trust and reputation. Obviously, build a good directory and organise / moderate it well, people will come to you!

How to Recover a Google Penalized Domain back?

I just recovered a “pure spam” penalised website / domain from Google Penalty and thought will share the experience with our readers! Firstly, let us understand why websites and domains are penalized. Google is a very intelligent Search Engine with extremely intelligent, artificial intelligence driven Algorithm. That makes it hard for Black Hat SEOs and webmasters to fool Google. It is highly recommended that you understand and strictly abide by the Google SEO Guidelines to stay away from such a penalty. And also read some more Google Quality guidelines here.

The SEO Penalty Background

How to Recover a Google Penalized Domain back?

How to Recover a Google Penalized Domain back?

google penalty

WordPress Websites Blocked in Pakistan

Another sad move for the Internet world! It has been reported from across the globe that now most of the ISPs have blocked websites hosted on WordPress. These subdomain sites will no longer be available to normal netizens of the country.

The nation has had a history of blocking many popular websites like IMDB, YouTube etc. in the past and some of the sites were unblocked later. These are basically due to certain limitations and regulations set by authorities. It is noted that the ban is only affecting, hosted websites on the subdomain and the other self hosted websites will continue to work. Let us wait to hear more about this from our readers from different part of the world.

Policy Breach Notice – no longer detecting PII

If you recently received an email in the below format, don’t be worried!

Notice Note:  We have now verified that we are no longer detecting PII being passed to Google from the account(s) under your control.

To our understanding this is a response notice usually sent to webmasters and publishers who has helped Google resolve an issue regarding “Personal Identifiable Information”. Usually Google gives publishers 30 days time to resolve such issues and when resolved, do sent this confirmation message.

Policy Breach Notice - no longer detecting PII being passed to Google

So If you received such a message without prior communication, it could be an error. Below is a screenshot of what we received. Feel free to leave a note here if you have more information that would help other publishers with regards to this.

Latest Update: Google Apologizes for the emails sent in Error

Latest Update: Google Apologizes for the emails sent in Error

Best WordPress Translation Plugins 2015

Translation plugins are used to translate text from a blog or website powered by WordPress without getting your hands dirty with coding. I am not keen on making an elaborate blog post with a humongous list of plugins, but to share a very sweet little, focussed list of the best translation plugins available as of today (in year 2015).

The basic features that you expect from the best translation plugin is to do the translation job exceptionally well and having an excellent interface that allows you to translate each and every part of the theme or plugin on the website that you would want to change.

Best WordPress Translation Plugins 2015

After trying and testing out many translation plugins, In my opinion, Loco Translate is the best in class that does the job for WordPress. You can seamlessly translate by using the built-in translator editor on your WordPress admin dashboard after installation of the plugin.

The best and highlight of the plugin is that you can create and update language files directly within your theme or plugin, this gives you all the control over even the feature texts, buttons, elements and everything without making any hardcoded changes. In addition, you can configure backup of the translation files. Check out the plugin and let me know how you enjoyed it.

WordPress Translation plugin in action