4 Reasons to have a self-hosted Blog

4 Reasons to have a self-hosted Blog

 4 Reasons to have a self-hosted Blog

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4 Reasons to have a self-hosted Blog

Blogging is a fascinating thing to do for most people who tend to hang out online. Thousands of blogs are started everyday. Some with passion, motivation and a serious goal, some for fun, and some don’t even know why they started a blog. Well it’s all mixed up I say.

But the “blogosphere” is gaining strength and quality everyday. Serious bloggers who work with a passion do succeed in their career. When I say “serious” there are certain things that identify a blogger to be serious. One of it is launching a self-hosted blog.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying that all those bloggers who are blogging on free platforms are not serious bloggers. But it is highly important that you launch a self-hosted blog if you are serious and committed towards blogging. And, of course you can do this when your pocket permits it.

I will give you 4 reasons that tell you why you should have a self hosted blog.

1. Building brand & Credibility

Blogs hosted on free platforms like Blogger or WordPress are fine for blogging, it you are blogging for fun. If you are blogging for business, you certainly need a self-hosted blog; there are no ifs and buts about this.

First of all, whether you like it or not, blogs with domain names like “yourname.blogspot.com” or “yourname.wordpress.com” are not recognized as serious blogs in the blogosphere. I am not being offensive, but that is how things are.

Second, if there is no recognition, branding your blog becomes almost impossible. I need not say much.

So you may ask: what if I use a free platform and just buy a domain name. That is fine, but continue reading.

2. Flexibility and control over content

It is your blog; you must frame its rules. You decide what comes in and what goes out. Not someone else! With a blog started on free domain (platform), it is indeed someone else who decides what comes in and goes out of your blog. You have no complete control on the HTML, the scripts, widgets and indeed with anything.

You are given very limited flexibility and you can do nothing much with that! Of course you have enough if you blog for fun or as a hobby, but if you are serious about making blog for business, I would strongly suggest that you choose a self hosted blog for total control.

3. Commitment as a Blogger

Self-hosted blogs cost money. It is not a whooping amount, but is still a substantial amount of money. So when you start out as a newbie with literally no money in your pocket, it is hard for you to even think about paying as low as $3 per month for hosting. But if you do so, it shows your commitment towards your blog.

It shows that you are serious about your blog and have invested on it. It shows that you will not simply hang around the blogosphere and waste everyone’s time. It shows that you will be accountable since you are paying for it.

4. Security and backup of your Blog content.

I say it always because I have had it. A self-hosted blog is not deleted all of a sudden by someone. Once my blog on Blogger was deleted on a Sunday morning. I still can’t find the reason for it. Even though you do regular backup of your blog, will it be pleasant to have your blog deleted by someone and give no explanation?

So I have said it all. You just need to go for a good hosting. Josh is offering lots of discount coupons on hosting here and I strongly suggest you make use of them. Be your master and be a professional blogger.

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Readers Comments (14)

  1. Dear Josh,

    I am seriously considering this option, I have been having a high traffic .blogspot domain blog for more than 3 years now and seriously considering to migrate to a self hosted blog. The main reason is i am not really able to convert my traffic to money and i guess credibility is the issue here..

    what do you think?


    • Jane | Find All Answ 11 April, 2011 @ 5:48 am

      Hi Dave,

      You got it right. It is all about credibility. Please go ahead with your decision in migrating to a self hosted blog.



  2. Jane,

    I couldn't agree more on this opinion. Now a days registering a domain and hosting a website is so under priced even with top hosting companies.

    I really don't find any reason for not shifting to a branded domain if you are serious about Blogging and web mastering.



  3. Jane,

    Commitment as a blogger is understood, basically because that money shouldnt make you feel responsible, ideally it should come from within right?

    I totally agree with you on all the other points, like security, credibility and flexibility. to sum up a great post, thanks again for sharing the tips.

    BTW your blog looks great.


    • Jane | Find All Answ 11 April, 2011 @ 5:52 am


      That's quite true. Commitment should come from within and it is reflected in every small and big step you take for your blog – one of which is getting a self hosted domain.

      Thanks for checking out my blog. Glad you liked it.



  4. @ Dave: Yes I agree with you here,This is your mistake though, you should have taken this decision earlier. Now since you have planned to migrate to a self hosted domain, make sure you do a quality migration and to take care of the 301 redirects using the google webmaster control panel to redirect the search traffic also to the new Blog. Feel free to ask me in case you need help.



  5. Great insights here! Thanks to the advice from great experts the internet has already, i am on my self hosted blog and its really doing great.


  6. Very true fact that there are so many blog with so much of potential wasted on a partially branded blog. that shows how serious they have taken the blog.

    Especially when you read a review, you might take some time to trust a free partially branded domain right!

    Nice writeup.


    • Jane | Find All Answ 11 April, 2011 @ 1:20 pm

      Hi Ralph,

      Yes what you are saying is correct. People tend to believe stuff from authoritative guys. And one of the ways in which you can prove yourself authoritative in the first impression is to have a self hosted blog.



  7. Jane,

    Nice post. There are loads of people on blogger and wordpress.com who are not yet migrated. I guess its a nice business idea to contact all people with blogs and migrate them to a self hosted blog for a price. This gives you business and them an experience hand.

    I guess most people might not be migrating because of 3 reasons and not really money issue:

    1. Lack of know how on how to migrate.

    2. Worried about loosing the SERP rankings and indexed rankings

    3. Not really bothered or forgot they have a blog 😉

    Cheers – Mani

  8. Nice post Jane! great tips and insights, especially it will send a message to new bloggers planning to start a new blog..

  9. Mani,

    That was a very innovative reply. Great thinking to convert this as a business model. Regarding the reasons for not migrating, i agree with you.



  10. Self-hosted blogs like WordPress are SEO optimized and other optimizations are also possible with ready-made Plugins. Blogging Life is much easier in WordPress blogs.

    6 months back only I migrated my blog from blogspot to WordPress and my site traffic got changed drastically. :) I get 1000's of visitors per day. 😉


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