Best Free Adsense Friendly WordPress Themes

Best Free Adsense Friendly WordPress Themes

Best Free Adsense Friendly WordPress Themes

Adsense is one of the easiest methods to monetize your WordPress blog, especially when it is a new blog. Your success with Google Adsense depends on various factors like:

  • Traffic to your website or blog
  • Your WordPress Blog theme Design
  • Blending of ads to your website
  • Ad placement
  • Cost Per Click for the ads used on your blog

Although these are the few factors that govern and control your earning possibilities with Adsense, An important aspect that could improve your earning possibility is by using Adsense friendly WordPress themes.

The major factors that make a theme Adsense friendly are:

  • The theme should be very simple
  • Ads should blend well with the design of the theme
  • Content and Ads together should look together and in sync

Below are few Adsense friendly WordPress themes that could help you achieve higher earning rates.

Best Free Adsense Friendly WordPress ThemesBusiness On Time | Theme Preview | Theme Download

Best Free Adsense Friendly WordPress Themes

GoLod WordPress Theme | Theme Preview | Theme Download

Best Free Adsense Friendly WordPress Themes

Prosense WordPress Theme | Theme Preview | Theme Download

Now you might have got an idea how an Adsense friendly WordPress theme should look like, It should be simple and capable of blending the ads within the content to improve the click rate. You could search the below resources to identify more Adsense friendly themes of your choice. Hope this article has helped you.


  • Nice Info. I am testing prosense on some of my niche blogs on an adsense business model! Great timing on this article.

    Thanks again.


    • Suresh,

      Thanks for the kind words! Yes, you should certainly try monetizing your blogs but only after you obtain a decent level of traffic.

      warm regards


  • Hey Josh!

    Nice share again. I liked the Golod theme, you could have added more adsense ready themes to the list. The fab themes were something new to me, superb themes they have..


  • seleema spur

    Dear Josh,

    Great Article!

    The tips on blending and placing adsense ads with the theme would really help me shape up my online business. Sure, am searching for some matching themes..


  • Samuel Benson

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

    Cheers! Sam

  • Hi Josh

    I hadn't even thought about putting ads on my site but that's some good info – I guess my site couldn't be LESS suited to adsense :0

    Maybe if I build a following, one day.

    • Dear Kelly,

      Thanks for your comments. Yes it is true that jumping early into using adsense is not wise. Let your website catch up some good amount of traffic and later change the theme and start using Adsense.



  • Dear Josh,

    The listed themes are really great and simple. Thanks for sharing the idea how a theme could become adsense friendly. Ill do the chunk of searching now! Thanks again.


  • wow…nice theme….hopefully it's work…thanks for sharing…

  • Great themes everybody must consider

  • Google Adsense high pay depends on site traffic. One of the coolest way to increase Adsense earnings is by increasing Site traffic.

    I am experimenting different methods to increase site traffic currently. :)

    Joshu some of these themes are cool and highly useful for Newbies :)

    • Dear Geekyard,

      Not one of the best – THE best method is increase traffic, infact there are no other good methods to improve your Adsense income, blending and fooling your visitors to click on ads never last as you might end up getting your adsense account banned.


  • thanks for sharing…, hopefully it’s work…nice theme

  • i am planning to sell my domain how can I sell this. I mean how much will my domain be? I have a lot of websites that needs to be updated and i have my work so i have no time on updating my site under the domain

    can you help me on selling this domain?

  • I agree with you 100% that Google adsense is one of the best ways to monetize a website.

  • Hi,

    I am an Internet Marketer with websites in various micro niches. I have customized adsense themes myself which give me 10% CTR. Would you be Interested in Reviewing my theme or adding them in your Top Adsense WordPress themes list?

    Below is where you can download the theme with Screenshot of my website inside


  • for some reason I can't get the golod theme to work. It says no header information. Thanks

  • I could not have suggested it any better to be honest! Keep up the wonderful work, as I will certainly be a regular viewer.

  • Although it's not the best looking theme, I have used the Prosense theme many times, and it works very well.

  • donating money

    I am working on a few Adsense ideas right now, so this is helpful.

  • Outsourcing in Phili

    Can't wait to include Simple Adsense Theme for your next post!

  • Excellent Info. I like above the themes, Most of the small business people looking for this kind of informative themes.

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