can you reall make money on youtube

Can YouTube really earn you Money?

I have heard this question several times from many webmasters and MMO enthusiasts often confused at the earning potential of YouTube. Earlier I have written an article on How to earn money from YouTube. This article explains the methods and steps required to kick start your YouTube monetization but it still seems that people are not quite convinced. Even though I do not earn 1000s of dollars from YouTube, I certainly can prove the fact that YouTube can be a possible option to make big money if you have video contents worth watching.

The key in building a successful YouTube channel depends on your ability to create unique and quality videos that either solves a problem or is capable of viral spreading across the internet. Once you have your account setup to add quality videos, start adding them. Do not wait to learn it all to start your YouTube channel, in the process of adding new videos and publicizing them, you will slowly learn more about the YouTube business model.

As and when the hits on your videos increase, you can sign up as a YouTube partner and enable monetization to of your videos. You may also link your Adsense account to your channel and add the payment to your already available Google Adsense Check.

Above is the screenshot of the earnings from my small YouTube channel on India Travel. Good luck with your YouTube journey and let me know your feedback!


  • Hi Josh – I saw your youtube channel. I have a lot more subscribers than you (100 as against 7). Some of my videos have more than 10,000 views. But when I tried to monetize Youtube, I got refused because of lack of Adsense account. When I tried to enter Adsense program, I got refused. It's a Catch 22. I want to ride this Youtube bandwagon. Is there a short cut?

  • Sahil,

    Its Awesome that you have a good YT channel and the videos have great potential to earn money through their view counts. But, my question here are:

    1. are these videos solely owned by you?
    2. Are they produced and created by you?
    3. whats the link to your channel?

    For me, it was easy because i already had an approved Adsense account and it was linked to my YT account with ease. Monetization was ready to go. In your case without adsense account also it can be monetized but it needs to be approved for monetization. Currently the catch 22 is that you can register a domain, start a blog or website and then apply for Adsense account using that, then link it to youtube. Ensure your site has enough content and adhers to the Adsense TOS.


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  • Joshu,

    That is really awesome! I never knew normal people can also make money from youtube. I think i should give this a try.


  • Dear Sunny,

    Thanks for your kind words! they are really motivating bro.


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