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WordPress Websites Blocked in Pakistan

Another sad move for the Internet world! It has been reported from across the globe that now most of the ISPs have blocked websites hosted on WordPress. These subdomain sites will no longer be available to normal netizens of the country.

The nation has had a history of blocking many popular websites like IMDB, YouTube etc. in the past and some of the sites were unblocked later. These are basically due to certain limitations and regulations set by authorities. It is noted that the ban is only affecting, hosted websites on the subdomain and the other self hosted websites will continue to work. Let us wait to hear more about this from our readers from different part of the world.

Best WordPress Translation Plugins 2015

Translation plugins are used to translate text from a blog or website powered by WordPress without getting your hands dirty with coding. I am not keen on making an elaborate blog post with a humongous list of plugins, but to share a very sweet little, focussed list of the best translation plugins available as of today (in year 2015).

The basic features that you expect from the best translation plugin is to do the translation job exceptionally well and having an excellent interface that allows you to translate each and every part of the theme or plugin on the website that you would want to change.

Best WordPress Translation Plugins 2015

After trying and testing out many translation plugins, In my opinion, Loco Translate is the best in class that does the job for WordPress. You can seamlessly translate by using the built-in translator editor on your WordPress admin dashboard after installation of the plugin.

The best and highlight of the plugin is that you can create and update language files directly within your theme or plugin, this gives you all the control over even the feature texts, buttons, elements and everything without making any hardcoded changes. In addition, you can configure backup of the translation files. Check out the plugin and let me know how you enjoyed it.

WordPress Translation plugin in action

Breadcrumb NavXT not working?

Breadcrumb NavXT is an excellent WordPress plugin to add breadcrumb navigation to your entire WordPress website. The plugin is often recognised for the search engine friendliness as the breadcrumbs easily gels with the Google search results and slowly as the website is crawled regularly, the website navigation is embedded into the Google search results as shown below.

Breadcrumb NavXT not working?

For some specific WordPress themes, the plugin could give some small glitches and if you observe that Breadcrumb NavXT now working for your theme even after the plugin is installed? Here is the quick fix. Hope it helps. Place the below code in your theme’s header.php file where ever it needs to appear appropriately.

<div class="breadcrumbs">
<?php if(function_exists('bcn_display'))

How to Change the active Theme from Database

It sometimes does happen that the active WordPress theme breaks down and it does not allow you to login to the dashboard to change the theme. In such situations, the active WordPress theme can be changed from the Database using the phpMyadmin interface. All you have to do in such a situation is to login to the database and select the table “wp_options” and run the below query.  This should change the theme to the theme you specify in the below query. Make sure you specify the exact theme name.

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = 'twentytwelve' WHERE option_name = 'template';
UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = 'twentytwelve' WHERE option_name = 'stylesheet';
UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = 'twentytwelve' WHERE option_name = 'current_theme';

WordPress releases the Twenty Fifteen Theme

With the Christmas and New year 2015 approaching, WordPress makes no delay with the release of the much awaited 2015 WordPress today.The Twenty Fifteen theme requires WordPress version 4.1 running to be able to work and it is pushed by default with the 4.1 WP update today. The new version has some awesome features including the “distraction free writing” emphasizing on the very fact why WordPress was created – to write and share! I must say the best, minimalist and clean theme till today from WordPress is the Twenty Twelve theme and I expect the Twenty Fifteen to be a closer one. Will test if further and share with you guys soon! Cheers.

Wordpress Twenty Fifteen Theme Launched