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Playing with the Keywords

Best Keyword Research Tools of 2015

Its been just over an year when I realized the importance of Keyword research in blogging, Before that all the traffic I got was only because of my article quality and to some extent a lot of fluke. For the past one year I am really happy with the kind of response my new articles are receiving. There has been a whooping 931% growth on my website traffic and the major chunk of that goes to my efforts on Keyword research.

The below chart shows the amount of traffic I receive from organic search engines when compared to direct traffic and referred traffic, I guess the number would speak more than what I am doing! The essence of this story is that Keyword research is very important and critical component each time you write a new article or even when you start a new website.

Best Keyword Research Tools of 2015

The other side of the story

Keyword research is all about identifying which topic is in demand and what should be the keywords I should stress in the article to get maximum exposure on the search results and this also includes your competition analysis. Why you should also do KA is – there are thousands of low competition keywords that are being searched daily without proper results any where, this is an excellent source of un-tapped traffic!

I have used a number of tools for keyword research and for the past 1 year I really enjoyed using Google Adwords keyword tool and Google Trends to identify what is hot on the web and what to write on. Not any more! I did find the best alternative. I really do value every penny I spend and just do not buy anything and everything on the web that looks promising (the advertising industry has the smartest people alive J )

After doing extensive research and analysis today I have purchased Market Samurai Keyword analysis tool and it is hands-down the favorite keyword and niche research tool I have ever used. Its simply awesome in doing the job, I will tell you why.

Finding Keywords the right keywords to target

Once you have the Market Samurai, open up the keyword research module and enter the keyword seed to the software, MS would generate all the relevant keywords to your seed keyword. Further you can drill down per traffic, demand, length, sentiments etc.

Next go on to the “Analyze keywords” option and the software would return tones of data from the search engines that shows detailed analysis based on competition, and you can tweak this by adjusting the filter. Samurai returns you with few great keywords that is of your interest.

Market Samurai  Keyword Research Tool

Analyzing competition: Further Market samurai would go and pick up the top 10 results of the keywords and the owning websites with hell lot of information why they are at top 10. The info includes link age, page rank, backlinks and much more. Based on the color codes of the results, you can identify if you need to select that keyword or not on the basis of its competition.

Why this is the best Keyword research tool

Rank Tracking: Now once you have written an article or started a website on the keywords, its time to track your progress. You can do that as well with MS. Simply use the tracking tool that would suggest and report the improvement and factors to improve your ranking for the keywords.

More advantages of keyword research:

Uncover under-promoted content, and claim it for your site – There’s a goldmine of under promoted articles online that have low Content Authority, which can legally and ethically be “stolen” and republished. Using this strategy effectively will quickly fill your site with content for market testing, and allow you to get quick search engine rankings without writing a single word of content.

Research Articles – Make writing your own unique content a breeze by taking already successful articles, and using their insights to repeat their success for yourself. This is incredibly valuable if you are stepping into a niche that you’re new to, and want to “talk the talk” just like the existing pro’s do.

Uncover RSS feeds that you can republish on your site – Google’s spiders love “spider bait” – little morsels of constantly-changing content that they can munch on each time they visit your site. Feed Google’s love of your content, and improve your rankings, publishing RSS feeds found by Market Samurai.

Uncover additional sources of media content – High quality web-sites don’t just rely on text – they have images, videos, documents and other media available on their site. Market Samurai plugs into YouTube, Flickr and other digital media sources to give your website the type of rich and deep content that Google loves to give high search engine rankings.

More with Market Samurai: Not only keyword research, you can submit to RSS directories, add media to posts, publish to wordpress and much more with the same application.

These are some great reasons I love this great application!!

Free Trial

You could try Market Samurai for free and you can download it. In addition, if you want to purchase it click here to get a direct 35% off on the total cost of MS

Other Free Keyword research tools you might be interested in case you do not want to purchase or spend money at this point are listed below.

  • Wordtracker – Can help you compile associated keywords.  A more robust, paid version is also available.
  • Keyword Discovery – Free version of the keyword research tool from Trellian.
  •– Generates a monthly search volume for a given keyword.
  • Keyword Spy – A site that allows you to spy on your competition and find their keywords.

Hope this review and explanation helped you to find the Best Keyword Research Tool Application.

Market Samurai Discount 2015

Market Samurai is the best keyword research application, Tool available on the web. If you ever wanted to purchase this software at the best discounted price – here is your chance. Sources say, the price of MS is about to increase.

Hands down, Market Samurai is undoubtedly my favorite Keyword research tool on the internet ever created. Its got stunning features that would help you so much in discovering and harvesting untapped search engine traffic. I would personally recommend purchasing the application.

To avail their discount – Proceed to Market Samurai 35% off discount page here. I assure you, its worth every penny and really worked great for me. In case you want to know more you could read this detailed  review of the best Keyword research tools where Market Samurai stands first among the premium tools.

Imp Note 1: It’s mandatory that you sign-up for the free trial and download Market Samurai before purchase and then purchase the application within the next 6 days to get the 52 USD discount that they offer. So make sure you do that too. Happy keyword researching! 

Most Searched Keywords on Google in 2013

Most Searched Keywords on Google in 2013

Below is a report embed from the Google Trends application showing the most searched keywords at different point of time. Even though there isn’t much data enough to show the most searched keywords in 2013 at this point, this is a live report that would keep on updating the information as time passes with the latest keywords being searched on Google Search.

You can also find the most searched keywords for the year 2012 and also specific to USA. Click on the Google Trends link below each of the live report to reach the page where you can identify the top searched keywords based on your search criteria. You may also sort the results based on time frame, location, trends etc. Let me know your feedback on using Google Trends and how helpful it has been to you as a webmaster.

Most Searched Keywords in 2013

Most Searched Keywords in 2012

Most searched keywords in the USA since 2004

How to Find High Paying Keywords for Adsense

How to Find High Paying Keywords for Adsense

If you are here on this blog post, you are certainly looking to earn higher from Google Adsense and I assume, you already know how Google Adsense works. For the benefit of others, Adsense is a PPC (Pay Per Click) program from Google helping web masters (website owners and publishers) earn money from their website by automatically serving relavant ads based on the content on the website.

Simply installing the Google Adsense code on your website will not ensure you are making several dollars as income on a daily basis unless your website is serving thousands or even lakhs of users on a daily basis. You will need to write keyword optimized articles within your niche to drive traffic to your posts / articles capable of serving high paying keywords related ads from Google so that each click pays you more than low demand cheaper keywords.

How to find High Paying Keywords for Adsense?

Its vital that you do enough research prior to writing keyword optimized articles to ensure the traffic you are receiving on your website is converted into real hard cash. Today we will discuss the steps required to identify the high paying Google Adsense keywords with the help of Google’s own Adwords Keywords Tool.

Open a new browser and navigate to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and as per the below screenshot select the appropriate settings to begin your simple keyword search. Ensure you key in the niche or related field your blog or website has content on to begin with. Here for example, lets assume you own a health related blog and is looking forward to writing an article related to “mesothelioma cancer” as the targeted keyword in the article or another example would be “LCD Tvs” or something you find relevant. You can opt for “broad search” in the Advanced settings of the search so that even Google will give you relevant keywords.

How to Find High Paying Keywords for Adsense

Once you click on search, the tool will show you the CPC for each keyword generated (Cost Per Click). CPC is the amount an advertiser will spent to place the ad so you might not get that much amount per click, however, you might receive a good percentage of that (lets say at least 50%). The screenshot shows the amount in Indian rupees, if you are from any other country, it will show based on your currency.

How to Find High Paying Keywords for Adsense

If you observe, the amount per click for the keywords is HUGE and that shows the potential of earning you could make from the contextual ad network with the help of such simple analysis, isn’t that awesome? Hope this article on How to Find High Paying Keywords for Adsense has helped you to identify the method to find high paying targeted keywords and how much they could pay if content is crafted smartly

Affiliate Product Review: Market Samurai

Affiliate Product Review: Market Samurai

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and easiest method of earning a passive income online when done the right way, there are several hundred awesome products that can be either reviewed or promoted through your blog or website to earn a commission on each sale you refer.

Today, the affiliate product under focus is Market Samurai. Market samurai is a powerful keyword research software that has been successfully selling for more than a year and is still one of the most preferred product in the niche. Even though the product is officially priced at 147 USD, on downloading a trial and then purchasing will help you purchase the same for a mere 99 USD. The most interesting part for blog owners is that for every sale they offer 50% as commission, that means you earn 48 USD straight for every single referral.

I has been successfully promoting Market Samurai for few months and I have already earned an affiliate commission of more than 7600 USD from market samurai alone!! I have also included the screenshots from my affiliate control panel for your reference. The reason i am also sharing the earnings details is for you to understand the potential of such awesome products that are super efficient.

 Affiliate Product Review: Market Samurai

The thumb rule of affiliate marketing is that you should never promote a product you aren’t sure of or not ever used. You should be the first person to be convinced that the product is good before you promote it as it directly impacts your trust relation with your readers.

As people begin to appreciate your views and niche authority, it will further help convert more sales. Hope this article has enough to inspire you and help you find another amazing affiliate product to promote.

  • Product Name: Market Samurai
  • Product Niche: Keyword Research Tool
  • Product Market Price: 99 USD
  • Affiliate Commission per sale: 48 USD
  • Payout Cycle: Monthly
  • Payout Method: Paypal