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Policy Breach Notice – no longer detecting PII

If you recently received an email in the below format, don’t be worried!

Notice Note:  We have now verified that we are no longer detecting PII being passed to Google from the account(s) under your control.

To our understanding this is a response notice usually sent to webmasters and publishers who has helped Google resolve an issue regarding “Personal Identifiable Information”. Usually Google gives publishers 30 days time to resolve such issues and when resolved, do sent this confirmation message.

Policy Breach Notice - no longer detecting PII being passed to Google

So If you received such a message without prior communication, it could be an error. Below is a screenshot of what we received. Feel free to leave a note here if you have more information that would help other publishers with regards to this.

Latest Update: Google Apologizes for the emails sent in Error

Latest Update: Google Apologizes for the emails sent in Error

How to get unused Twitter Handle URLs for you

Often when you work hard creating a new brand and brand name, you eventually end up discovering the exact brand’able Twitter handle or username is already registered and remain dormant. The handle might be with a inactive Twitter user which might be of great value for you but alas!

Twitter has been trying hard to identify inactive Twitter accounts and release the handles for public to ensure that Twitter continue to remain useful for brands and individuals.

Below are some useful information and resources that could help you learn more about Twitter’s policy on how such inactive handles are released for public. In addition, you have an option to request to claim back a inactive Twitter handle if you own a .com domain or related trademark by filling the impersonation form (if you believe you are the right person to use that Twitter account.)

In addition, below are the steps to claim back a Twitter handle if someone is using your Twitter account as You!

  1. Go to:
  2. Select the option ‘I am being impersonated.’
  3. Follow the wizard like form and fill in the information required and wait for Twitter staff to get back to you.

Your Social Media Profiles after your Death?

Its interesting to see what happens to your social media accounts after you are gone! I found the below infographic very interesting and thought provoking, which made me share the same here! Interesting that even though if you aren’t around, your profile can still do things for you! As its just you not taking the internet with you, :) The world would continue to live and use it, its just an end of your journey. Quite interesting..

Social media after my death

YouTube gifted me a Bonus Payment this Month!

One of my active YouTube channel that was launched 4 months back had been doing fairly good post its launch. The channel has gained more than 250,000 views and 1500 subscribers in this period of time. On an average the channel used to earn a modest 150 USD every month and that looked like a quality income considering the fact that the channel was quite new.

YouTube had been regularly sending me tips, suggestions and sensible recommendations to help improve and polish my channel to deliver better results. Last week one such regular emails from YouTube took me by surprise! The send me a message congratulating me for my efforts on building this specific channel and gifted me with a Bonus payment added to my regular monthly check. This one move honestly swept me off my feet because, with billions of videos and millions of channels, they had a system in place to give relevant attention to each content developer.

The bright side is definitely not the bonus money but the fact that YouTube found this one channel a quality one in comparison with thousands of other channels. I am very positive about YouTube marketing and its growth in the days to come. Check out the below screenshot of the particular email we are discussing about.

youtube bonus

How to Report and Remove Your Stolen Video from YouTube

It is a possibility that your content could go stolen on YouTube. You might have spend several hours of your quality time to create unique content for your YouTube channel and it is certainly not fair when someone easily steals it and re-uploads on YouTube. Today we will share the process to report your stolen video on YouTube (by violating copyright ethics) and get the duplicate video removed from

YouTube has a very easy method of reporting your stolen video re-uploaded by another YouTube user. This could either be a complete video / part of your video / scenes from your video / music content etc. Which ever it is, if you are the owner and someone using it for their benefit, report it to YouTube and get the content removed.

How to Report and Remove Your Stolen Video from YouTube

How to Report Your Stolen Video / Content to YouTube team?

To report to YouTube, you shall use the YouTube Copyright Complaint Form. The form, as shown below has several fields that needs to be filled up by the “real owner”. Carefully enter all the requested information like the legitimate video URL, video name, your details, copied content URL etc.

After Submitting the form, YouTube will get back to you after resolving the conflicting content related complaint. If you are the owner of the content, YouTube will verify the original video location, date, details etc. and remove the copied one. In my experience, YouTube reverted back in less than 48 hours and the copied video was removed.

How to Report and Remove Your Stolen Video from YouTube

Sign up for a Content ID?

If you are an artist or content producer at a bigger scale and more chances are there that your content could be reproduced elsewhere, you could sign up for a Content ID. This will automate your copyright infringement finding as YouTube assigns a unique content ID for each video / audio. YouTube recommends Content ID to famous artists and creators only.