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Authorship Creeping into Google Search Algorithm

Even though this tool is in its Beta Stages, my understanding of how it works is it should be calculating the authorship ranks based on various aspects like the metrics of the website the author writes for including Majestic Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Moz Domain and page authority, Google Page rank etc. and deriving an average rank of the author for the number of posts it makes.

How accurate are Authorship Ranks?

The more surprising fact by which I derive this particular tool is quite inaccurate is the fact that I have a HIGHER authorship rank than Rand Fishkin and that makes it weird because he is a much much powerful author in the industry that I am. What ever it be, Google Authorship has been recently becoming a key criteria in SERP ranking factors with Google making changes to the Algorithm to fine tune the search results based on more realistic parameters like sorting out content based on Powerful Authors.

Authorship Rank Checker Tool Results for ME
My Authorship Rank Results
Google Authorship Rank checker results
Authorship Rank for Rand Fishkin

Why does such changes to Search Algorithm Makes Sense?

This scenario makes a lot of sense when you compare it with the real world scenario – A fact is more justified and believable when someone with authority on the topic says it and thats what Google is trying to achieve with such changes. Tools like these will continue to spring up giving vague results, however, we should be concentrating on the fact that Authorship is getting serious and especially with algo-updates like the recent Pigeon update.

Whats In it for Me?

If you are a Blogger, keep using Authorship and do guest posts on top blogs contributing to the industry you are in to improve your authorship power. If you are a website owner, It is important to have  a blog on your website and keep writing quality content linked to your authorship. In addition, once in a while get powerful authors to share their knowledge on your website as well which makes it look like your website is a great platform delivering quality content for your intended audience. Stay tuned for more on how the search industry is shaping up with the recent updates from Google!

Update: It's Over! Google Authorship has been discontinued by Google so maybe this one would also continue as an internal metrics (Like the good ol Google pagerank!)

12 Best Paying Affiliate Networks of 2014

After several years of using various affiliate networks, we have listed down the best and the market favorite affiliate marketing network programs of 2014. These are the best paying and the most trusted affiliate networks as per our research and review.

Commission Junction

CJ is one of the most preferred affiliate network programs on the internet. Its an Online advertising company owned by ValueClick. CJ is the program that covers the maximum percentage of the to 500 highest earning web retailers – hence minting money for thousands of webmasters and product owners.

Commission Junction pays its affiliate members based on pay per sale mostly, but have the sales intensive feature that is very motivating. They have sales commissions ranging from 3 – 50%

You can sign up with CJ as an affiliate here at their official website

Click Bank

Click bank is my second favorite affiliate marketing network program that offers a HUGE list of affiliate products that you could sell on your website and earn pay per sale commissions. Click bank pays once in 2 weeks and has got decent tracking and reporting system.

Most products that are sold through click bank are niche specific products. So the key is to obtain a high niche traffic and authority and simply suggest the top selling valuable products for easy earning.

You can sign up with CB as an affiliate here at their official website

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon affiliate networks are now very widely used by webmasters on their blogs and websites to make a huge percentage of their online income. The main advantage of Amazon affiliate marketing is that simply the have such a huge list of products that are spread across almost all range of categories.

Based on your website niche you could add the Amazon affiliate link and sell products to earn money and it really works out since there is already lot of Amazon buyers on the internet. In addition you could use the Amazon API to show reviews and ratings from Amazon on your blog or website.

You can sign up with Amazon as an affiliate here at their official website


E-junkie is another widely used affiliate marketing system by many webmasters. Mostly by those who sell web based products, scripts, themes and templates. Even though the interface is not as robust as many of its competitors – Ejunkie is doing well with a huge range of digital products to sell from and its ever growing user base.

You can sign up with E-Junkie as an affiliate here at their official website


Linkshare is one of the oldest affiliate marketing networks and has a very huge user base all over the globe. Their major advantage is having an excellent interface and reporting system. Linkshare usually offers a monthly paycheck to its affiliate members. You can sign up with Linkshare as an affiliate here at their official website

Google Affiliate Network Program

Many of us might be surprised to know this that apart form Google AdSense – does Google have affiliate marketing program also apart from the Google AdSense? – The answer is yes. Even though there are fewer products listed they are top notch affiliate products that could bring extra bucks to your pocket in addition to the Google AdSense payment.

You can sign up with E-Junkie as an affiliate here at their official website

Few others

Let us know what you think, Hope you have found the article on Best Paying Affiliate Networks programs of 2014 useful

cPanel Staging Temporary URL not working?

Problem Statement and Scenario

often we have to configure the cPanel for a website on a staging server that does not really have  a domain name pointing to it yet through the DNS and this makes it difficult to have a working URL to test the website. In such situation, to test the website we can take help of a temporary cPanel URL using the IP address of the website and the cPanel “username”.

The format to use to create the cPanel temporary staging URL

Below is the format of creating the staging or temporary URL for Cpanel when the website is hosted on the cPanel and you want to access website hosted there. Make sure that the original domain is not yet pointing here.


Why this could not be working for you?

Yeah, sometimes this staging URL might not work when you try and a forbidden server error page might be where you land upon. The main reason it could not work could be that the name servers might be already pointing to the staging server, this has to be disabled for the staging temporary url to work.

Adsense adds 2 MEGA Ad Sizes to its arsenal

Google Adsense officially announces MEGA sized ad banners for the delight of many webmasters in their official blog post. The two new ad sizes launched are in fact quite huge and they are  – 970 x 250 Billboard and the 300 x 1050 Portrait.

These huge ad banners are expected to improve both the user and advertiser experience by allowing the ads to have better reach / exposure thereby aiming to improve the click through rates (CTR). I haven’t yet tested these ad sizes on my websites but will soon test and update you guys with the experience.

Adsense introduces 2 MEGA Sized Ad Sizes to its arsenal

I am in fact more excited about the Google Custom sized Ad banners which allows you to configure the ad sizes based on your website design and the ads intelligently adjusting to the size you have configured. Being that said, lets wait and see how these new changes to the traditional ad size family would make Adsense program more interesting!