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On the web you can find abundant number of Open source Forum scripts, many of the famous names are VBulletin, IPB, PhpBB,SMF etc, PunBB is a very speedy growing forum script that is a very outstanding scripting and excellent feature sets. This article would be covering every aspect of setting up and using a PunBB Forum.

  • Firstly Download the PunBB forum script from:
  • Upload the forum script zip file to the location where you would like to install the forum.
  • Create a Database, Create a database user
  • Run the install:
  • Follow the steps and it’s very easy until it gives the finish button.


I have used almost more thank 20 forum scripts and was most impressed by V-Bulletin and Invision Power Board, Both are Paid Scripts now. So I stopped preferring them 😉 Now I am very much impressed with PunBB script, I have used the same for my OC Forum as well.

Front End Section 

Admin Section




Excellent Mods and Extensions Administration




  • Very Fast loading and Light weight
  • Simple and efficient
  • Feature rich
  • Superb interfaces
  • Mods and Extensions control panel
  • Simple administration



  • Slow version upgrades from PunBB
  • Email and Forum Bridge not very advanced


All links and references you would need for PunBB ever

 Hope you enjoyed the article, share your views




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Readers Comments (15)

  1. Hi Josh,

    First of all, thankyou for providing a onestop resource of all the required details for the PUNBB, i was searching for it. I actually checked your forum and saw its not PUNBB its PHPBB, can you clarify why ? nyways you have integrated the forum very well to your website and the modified homepage is also very attractive with the roll overs.

    -Smita Rao

    • Hi Smita,

      Yes you have observed perfect there :) when i wrote the article, i had made up my mind with the Punbb forum script, but found a few weakpoints, hence migrated to my other favorate : PHPBB. The problems i found were, It was not able to Bridge with email and the board it did not have that feature other than SMTP method. another one was it had not more than 20 plugins or add ons. basically these were the reasons.


  2. After reading you site, Your site is very useful for me .I bookmarked your site!

  3. PUNBB is a very promising upcoming script…hope i get to use it once..

  4. hi there! I am new to the board and just wanted to introduce myself :)

  5. Really nice article…
    thanks for the same Josh..


  6. Josh,
    PunBB is new to me seems good…
    need to try out that..thx..


  7. Actually, if you're looking for a promising and upcoming script, I'd suggest you rather take a look at FluxBB. PunBB hasn't seen development in months (except for their few official extensions).

  8. Maybe I should add that FluxBB is a fork of PunBB. That's where all the developers went when PunBB was sold to a company.

    • Hey Lukrob,

      Yep, I agree with you, FluxBB has seen the movement as PunBB has been a lot more stagnant to release the updates.
      FluxBB has been continuously releasing updates and has an active community at But basically the framework is the same.


  9. Hello Everyone,

    I am new member here

    I not long ago found this place and so far i have found lots of great info right here.

    I'm looking forward to connecting and contributing to the forum.

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    It is an honour to be amongst all of you.

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