Eligibility to receive the first Clickbank check

Eligibility to receive the first Clickbank check

Eligibility to receive the first Clickbank check

As a Blogger earning through affiliate marketing, I use ClickBank often and am very much satisfied with their performance and support. Today, I will share information about the conditions to satisfy to receive your first ClickBank check.

If you are reading this because you have not yet received your first check from ClickBank even though you have satisfied the “payment threshold” you have set in your account settings, don’t panic, simply read on.

ClickBank pays its affiliate webmasters through paper checks (mostly from Wels Fargo Bank here in India). To be eligible to receive this check below are the simple conditions:

  • You should earn commissions and meet the threshold value you have set in your account.
  • Your CB account status has to change from CDR (Customer Distribution Requirement).

What is CDR (Customer Distribution Requirement)?

The Customer Distribution Requirement is the first requirement that must be met in order to begin sending paychecks to any account. Our Customer Distribution Requirement states your account must reflect sales made with 5 or more unique credit card numbers, and the sales must have been made with two different recognized payment methods (Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal). Note: PayPal purchases do not count toward the minimum 5 unique credit card numbers.

While a sale by Amex or Discover will count toward the “5 unique credit card Numbers” part of this requirement, they do not count toward the “at least two recognized payment methods” portion of the requirement.

Eligibility to receive the first Clickbank check

This example does not meet the CDR:

  • 2 American Express sales
  • 2 Discover sales
  • 1 Visa sale

The above example still needs another sale through an recognized payment method (Either MasterCard or a sixth sale through PayPal) to meet the “at least two Recognized payment methods “portion of the requirement.

This second example, however, would meet it:

  • 2 American Express sales
  • 1 Discover sale
  • 1 Visa sale
  • 1 MasterCard sale

This example is perfect because there are 5 total unique card numbers, at least two of which came from recognized payment methods (Visa and MasterCard, in this case). This requirement is in place to help prevent affiliates from abusing the ClickBank Affiliate Program by using their accounts for the sole purpose of Collecting rebates and/or discounts on their own ClickBank purchases.

Please note that once you have met the Customer Distribution Requirement, the full balance from your account will be paid on the next payment issuing date. Also, please keep in mind that you only need to meet the Customer Distribution Requirement one time per account (not per payment).

For more information please see the Customer Distribution Requirement on the following page: http://www.clickbank.com/accounting.html. Hope this tutorial has helped you to understand Eligibility to receive the first Clickbank check.


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Readers Comments (9)

  1. dude pls help me.
    I made total 8 sale,
    which are as follows
    paypal -3

    I crossed my min payment amount which i set,but didnot get payment yet.

    pls reply me on my email.

    • Hey Niketan,

      Still you have not met the criteria.
      read carefully again: "5 total unique card numbers, at least two of which came from recognized payment methods" that means apart from PayPal, VISA, you need a different one like MCard or AMEX as there is only a single mode of card that is used – VISA. Dont panic, I too did the same when I first had the confusion, hangon and keep up the good work!


  2. I found an enterprising solution at one of those fiverr types of sites…

  3. Hi
    Im new to click bank and have about 40$ in my account

    My threshold is 100$

    Can you tell me how to change it

    And also guide me through the settings I need to set straight to receive me first payment

    • Oh…also

      Im unable to use the Direct Deposit option even though now it is supported for India as well

      Little help on that too if you dont mind

      • Hey there…

        Basically if you read the post clearly it states the condition to start receiving the first check. In the account settings you can edit the payment threshold.

        You have to meet the cdr to start receiving the payment – that means the combination of various payments to get that active.

        Regarding direct deposit option, t becomes active only after you receive 2 paper checks. Let me know if you have any further questions!

  4. I am new to ClickBank, I am promoting 8 different products, and the hop count is 507, earnings per hop is nil, hops per order form impression is 169, initial sales count is zero – what does this mean, do i have a chance for making one or two sales. I am researching whether ClickBank is suitable to me and can go long term. Can you help?

  5. Hi Joshu,

    Hope you are well. Thanks for this article. I have a question I hope you would like to help me. I have 3 Paypal Sales, 5 Visa sales and 1 MasterCard sale, but my account is still on CDR. Could you please tell me what I need to meet CDR requirements? I will appreciate your response. Thanks.


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