Free Stock Images for Commercial Use

Free Stock Images for Commercial Use

Free Stock Images for Commercial Use

Free Stock Images for Commercial Use

Be it writing blog posts or designing a website usage of high quality images from a design and SEO perspective is important! It’s a great idea to design your own graphics and images but when it comes to finding content specific stock photographs that are free to use for your design and development work it’s vital to have enough image repositories to select the appropriate images from.

Today I will share useful stock photography website that offer free to use images without any copyright or royalty issues. Below are some websites that you could use to find appropriate images for such purposes:

  • Stock.XCHNG : One of the First and largest collection of free Stock Photo website on the web featuring more than 3,96,000 photos free to use for your web related work and requirements.
  • Creative Commons Search : A fantastic search engine helping you to search images, text, music etc. available for re-use on your websites under the creative commons license.
  • OpenPhoto : A decent collection of open source photographs featured on this website. You could use the search feature on this website to find images to use on your web based art and work.
  • Gimp Savvy : A large free photo archive featuring over 27,000 free photographs for re-use. Its a community index photo archive of free photographs and images which are copyright free for use.
  • DotGovWatch : A custom Google search based tool generating a collection of huge collection of Copyright free photographs released by the US Government and its employees that are free for usage.
In addition to these resources, you could do a custom search on websites like Flickr to identify personally owned photographs uploaded by photographers around the world and you can contact them to request usage of these images on your online work. Hope this article has helped you find Free Stock Images for commercial use
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  1. Very Helpful. Ive bookmarked this one..mainly because its a personal difficulty to find images when you require and we are always scared of any DMCA notice for copyright related issues!


  2. Very informative. It's really hard to find copyright free images. I will to write a review of STOCK.XCHNG on my blog few days later.

  3. Dear Joel & Asif,

    am glad you enjoyed the article. Stay tuned for more! Hope this would help you further.

    warm regards


  4. It's an helpful article! With this i can get stock images without further hassles. Thanks!

  5. Very Helpful list Josh, Thanks for sharing this..



  6. It's so hard to find good free images that have a license permitting commercial use. I already knew about a few of the sites you listed but hopefully I'll have more luck finding what I need from the others. Thanks.

  7. What blogs do you read for information on the candidates?


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