Google Webmaster Tool is Really Smart!

Google Webmaster Tool is Really Smart!

I have emphasized several times on the importance of using Google Webmaster Tools for really understanding what Google wants from you and optimizing and improving your website in lines with Google Search Engine expectations fromĀ  a webmaster. Recently I observed some awesome changes from the Google Webmaster Tool dashboard that I wanted to share with you all to reiterate on the importance of using the tool and to share the depth of analysis and importance Google gives to each website.

I have a webmaster forum hosted on this blog called the OC webmaster forum which is a discussion forum built on vBulletin premium forum script. Google recently notified me with the below message on the webmaster tools dashboard stating that my vBulletin was not runnning on the latest version and it might lack certain security plugins and patches making my website vulnerable. How thoughtful was that from Google and we must really understand and appreciate the extent of effort and inputs we recieve from Google to help improve our web property online. Let me know your experience with Google webmaster tools.

Google Webmaster Tool is Really Smart!

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  1. Ive been using Webmaster tools for many years now and the most important and useful feature that i find are the search query rise and also other messages that Google sends into the webmaster inbox warning about the crawl errors and other important aspects to be changed in the blog and website SEO.


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