How to Find High Paying Keywords for Adsense

How to Find High Paying Keywords for Adsense

If you are here on this blog post, you are certainly looking to earn higher from Google Adsense and I assume, you already know how Google Adsense works. For the benefit of others, Adsense is a PPC (Pay Per Click) program from Google helping web masters (website owners and publishers) earn money from their website by automatically serving relavant ads based on the content on the website.

Simply installing the Google Adsense code on your website will not ensure you are making several dollars as income on a daily basis unless your website is serving thousands or even lakhs of users on a daily basis. You will need to write keyword optimized articles within your niche to drive traffic to your posts / articles capable of serving high paying keywords related ads from Google so that each click pays you more than low demand cheaper keywords.

How to find High Paying Keywords for Adsense?

Its vital that you do enough research prior to writing keyword optimized articles to ensure the traffic you are receiving on your website is converted into real hard cash. Today we will discuss the steps required to identify the high paying Google Adsense keywords with the help of Google’s own Adwords Keywords Tool.

Open a new browser and navigate to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and as per the below screenshot select the appropriate settings to begin your simple keyword search. Ensure you key in the niche or related field your blog or website has content on to begin with. Here for example, lets assume you own a health related blog and is looking forward to writing an article related to “mesothelioma cancer” as the targeted keyword in the article or another example would be “LCD Tvs” or something you find relevant. You can opt for “broad search” in the Advanced settings of the search so that even Google will give you relevant keywords.

How to Find High Paying Keywords for Adsense

Once you click on search, the tool will show you the CPC for each keyword generated (Cost Per Click). CPC is the amount an advertiser will spent to place the ad so you might not get that much amount per click, however, you might receive a good percentage of that (lets say at least 50%). The screenshot shows the amount in Indian rupees, if you are from any other country, it will show based on your currency.

How to Find High Paying Keywords for Adsense

If you observe, the amount per click for the keywords is HUGE and that shows the potential of earning you could make from the contextual ad network with the help of such simple analysis, isn’t that awesome? Hope this article on How to Find High Paying Keywords for Adsense has helped you to identify the method to find high paying targeted keywords and how much they could pay if content is crafted smartly

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