How to use Affiliate links on your blog

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Firstly, lets quickly discuss – What are affiliate links? Well affiliate links are basically referral links to suggest or refer a product to your readers. In case the visitor to your website likes the product and purchases the same from your referal link, you are paid a share of the sale amount as affiliate commission.

Now a days, affiliate earnings are growing very fast for all the popular blogs. It’s a great method to earn money because you have the freedom to suggest the best of the available options to your visitors as well as earn a share of the profit or sale amount as well.

How to use affiliate links

I strongly suggest you to use Affiliate links ethically. Ethical use of affiliate links has always worked for me the best. Do not suggest the best paying affiliate product, Instead – suggest the best product and provide more value to your customers. This practice your improve your user loyalty as well as the better the prodcut, the more would be your sales.

Basically there are 3 steps to install or deploy an affilaite links.

  • Sign directly with the product or with any of the best affiliate networks websites
  • Generate the affiliate link code
  • Deploy the affiliate link code at the end of product reviews or articles

Each time you make a sale, usually you are notefied via email alerts. Do remember that providing more value and quality suggestions would bring you success with affiliate marketing.

How to deploy affiliate links in WordPress

Step1: Login to the affiliate network website or product website and generate the affiliate link.

Example affiliate link:

Here the link is the affiliate link that was generated from the affiliate product website.

Step2: Cloak and insert the link in your wordpress article as shown in the image below.

Hope you have got the concept of using affiliate links on your website. Just remember its basically cloaking the affiliate link below the product link that you want to suggest to your buyer.

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