Unleash the power of twitter

If you are a webmaster working really hard to get to the top of your niche and make a good living out of your website alone, then this is for you! Today i would be sharing the importance of using the twitter the right way, the effective way and most importantly the SAFE way. If you are already using twitter for your online marketing activities, great! And in case you are not yet using twitter – create your own free account as soon as we finish talking :)

Twitter is a Powerful online marketing / Social networking website that would prove so effective if used in the right way. If you are already using twitter, let me ask you one question – How many followers do you have? With twitter, the more the followers you have, your tweets have good exposure and your message travels more miles!

How we can get more out of twitter

Twitter is all about how many followers you have. More the number of followers you have it’s the better. Using twitter with less number of followers is like trying to burst a wet cracker! If you are new to twitter, then your rules should be:

  • Build a good follower base
  • Have a targeted approach (Add people who are only in your niche)
  • Be more personal and try to interact with users
  • Follow back people who follow you
  • Acknowledge and thank your followers
  • Have interesting tweets rather than boring formal tweets
  • Retweet interesting tweets
  • Have good activity on your twitter account
  • Try to use twitter in US hours (gives your tweets good visibility)

The above are best practices while you use twitter and most of them work really well for me. In case you want to speed up the action and want to grow your twitter follower numbers at a faster pace, you might want to automate all the manual activities like – Following, Tweeting, un-following, tweeting your feeds, automating your direct message replies by some cool twitter automation software.

How to avoid the Risk in automation

I want you all to understand the risk in automation; there are possibilities that careless automation of your twitter account could lead to getting banned. Twitter hates automation but on the other hand automation of such tasks could be a time and life saver, so make sure you select the right application to automate your tweets. I use TweetAdder to automate my twitter account and it works really well for me. There are smart options to set realistic time delays between your tweets and add twitter followers based on their niche and automate almost everything you could do with twitter.

PS: if you want to learn more about twitter automation, the below articles could help you further.

Hope this article was useful for you, Have a successful week ahead!