Narrow Niche means Affiliate Goldmine

Narrow Niche means Affiliate Goldmine

The answer to how to monetize your blog depends on how narrow your blog niche is. If your blog has a narrow niche that means our visitors are there only to learn more about one single product or topic and everyone could be a potential buyer of an affiliate product that you promote. On the flip side, if your blog has a broader niche, the visitors are divided into smaller groups who are there to learn more about more than one topic and lesser are the chances to find an appropriate user who will match the product that you are promoting, in this case contextual ad models like Google Adsense works better as the ads change based on the user demography and topic of interest to the user.

Let’s make this clearer with an example: assuming that you own a blog specializing on “pet dogs”. That means that your niche is narrow enough as it specializes on two keywords – pets and dogs. You can write articles that will be useful to pet lovers like dog foods, how to train your dog etc. The best part here is that you can promote products like dog training equipments, dog foods, pet care products etc. and there is a chance that every single visitor is a potential buyer. An affiliate campaign using the various dog products on amazon or eBay affiliates will earn you commissions consistently.

On the other hand if you own a broader niche blog on entertainment videos, the type of audience visiting the website is there to simply cheer up and not buy related products. Even though there are chances of selling generic products like gadgets, consumer goods etc. But the better option would be using contextual advertising methods.

Take home: if you are yet to start a blog, it’s wiser to start a very narrow niche expertise blog to serve a concentrated crowd interested to buy related products and continue to earn.