Suicide * Hacked Again * Tribute – R.I.P Aaron Swartz

To begin with, I share condolances from deep within my heart for Aaron Swartz, a youngster who was a computer programmer, writer, archivist, political organizer, and Internet activist and someone who never stood idle when there is injustice in his evaluation. Sad to hear that Aaron choose suicide (age 26) as a retaliation against the decisions by officials in the Massachusett’s US Attorney’s Office.

About Aaron Swartz
Aaron Swartz, an outspoken, dynamic and soulful activist who helped establish the RSS standard at the early age of 14 also played a major role in the founding of popular social media portal “Reddit”.

The Hack Tribute
Aaron had been prosecuted for the crime of downloading millions of papers from academic database JSTOR via the MIT’s network and uploading to file sharing websitesto make it available to the common public. Swartz’s family has said in a statement that decisions by officials in the Massachusett’s US Attorney’s Office and MIT had contributed to his death. MIT’s president has committed to an investigation into the university’s role in the case.

A tribute to Aaron was posted on the very MIT website by an anonymous hacked by stopping short of blaming MIT for Swartz’s death and also went on to appologize to MIT’z admins for the “temporary use of their websites”for posting tribute to Aaron. The message ended with a very touching statement: You were the best of us; may you yet bring out the best in us.”