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best wordpress related posts plugin

All the wordpress bloggers and webmasters including me have been always searching for the best related posts plugin. Finally I made up my mind to spend few hours to test and try all the Best related posts plugin in the world. We have thoroughly tested and tried all the features, available plugins, their codes and features. Below is the list of all the related posts plugins I have reviewed to arrive to the best ever I used.

You could try using any of the above GREAT plugins – but I have chosen 2 from the above to suggest to you guys – since I love to do all the hard work for you guys and love to see you all use the best.

If you want thumbnails on your wordpress related posts – it never works as good as IGIT RP and if you are looking for simple text related posts with great  accuracy then you should try YARPP

IGIT Related posts features

The IGIT Related Posts with Thumb after Posts Plugin Automatically inserts one widget after posts having related posts. – Related Posts showing by title and content matching, If it not show related posts by title content matching it will search related posts by matching tags and title and if still it is not showing any related posts then it will show random posts. – This plugin also empowers the Blog administrator to place manually related posts widget, Also having options to give related posts number, Display Thumb or not, Set Thumb Width and Height and Main thing it is giving three options to select related posts style – Horizontal, Vertical, Simple Style. – By using this plugin on your blog you can attract your visitors to other related articles of your blog. – This plugin is also SEO friendly. – Ajax Based Admin Options. – Exclude Categories from Related Posts. – Note : This plugin is showing thumb images which are exists in posts and also exists on same server, Images from remote server are not showing in related posts to prevent bandwidth theft.

Major features

  1. Automatically inserts one widget of Related Posts after post.
  2. Enter Related Posts Number to Show.
  3. Option for Display Thumb or not.
  4. Option to enter Thumb Width and Height.
  5. Three options to select related posts style – Horizontal, Vertical, Simple Style.
  6. Ajax Based Admin Options.
  7. Exclude Categories from Related Posts.

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Readers Comments (22)

  1. I can't THANK YOU enough for posting this– i have been searching and searching for a good related posts plugin that lists the images horizontally…

    I tweeted this out to the world as well so hopefully others can have the same Euphoric moment i did—

    Thank you!!

  2. I'm very new at using WordPress. I installed IGIT Related Posts and I found that the posts were not actually related at all. Maybe I had some settings wrong, I'm not sure. I ended up installing Efficient Related Posts instead, and I find that it works much better.

  3. Hey there,

    Ideally the plugin works great if the settings are setup properly. Else the next best option is the one i use on this blog :YARP (yet another related posts) plugin.



  4. Hi, Amazed by your blog design, especially the combi of colors. I'm an amateur freak in almost all aspects that you are into, nut 10yrs less experience than you :P. I'm just recognizing the potential of web media and bloggers like you are an inspiration.

    btw, the twitter link provided (below this comment section) in red color link is given the link of feeds.

    • Hey Venkat,

      Thanks a ton for your kind words man! Am glad if I could move you to the slightest bit.
      Wishing you all the best in your blogging and Internet ventures, Thanks for notifying on the twitter links, will change it.

      cheers, Josh

  5. Thanks Joshua, just the information I've been looking for IGIT installed and working! : )

    • Hey Louise,

      You are welcome! Glad that you liked the IGIT plugin.
      I did check out your blog and am glad its looking good there..

      Cheers, Josh

  6. Raj @ Blogging Tips 3 September, 2011 @ 4:44 am

    Something is wrong with IGIT plugin, seems that the author took down the plugin from the directory

  7. Thanks for this post :) Made my life easier

  8. This IGIT related posts plugin is exactly what I've been looking for. The formatting of the four recommendations with the thumbnail is perfect. Thanks for recommending it!

  9. Sure, one of the widget can do best for my site.

  10. Thanks, I already installed the plugins, just try for the displayed posts :)

  11. Thanks..i was looking for info for these plugins.I installed YARP and its working fine:)

  12. related posts by tit 26 April, 2012 @ 6:09 pm


    does any one can give me a related posts by title plugin

    i searched google and found this

    any one try it??

    is it ok or not?

    download link from

  13. Thanks for this… I'll give it a try. :)

  14. Thanks for information on one of the top WP plugin. Good effort.

  15. I'm amazed nobody has come up with a sidebar widget for top posts that has a thumbnail next to each post. Blogger has had one for several years, and it's irritating me that I can't find one for WP :) (Overall, even though all my sites are on WP, I still think Blogger works better for a lot of things).

  16. Website Designer 6 July, 2012 @ 12:50 am

    Thanks for sharing Joshu. I will check them out immediately and make my pick.

  17. Muhammad Zakii Al-Az 21 October, 2012 @ 12:22 pm

    Wow thank you so much :)


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