Use other Blog’s Traffic for your Affiliate Campaigns

Use other Blog’s Traffic for your Affiliate Campaigns

Even if your blog does not have a 3 million page views, still you can do affiliate marketing using the traffic of the blogs that already have huge traffic. I hope you have heard about the blog advertisement marketplace called as that features thousands of blogs with huge traffic selling banner advertisement space on their blogs for a fixed monthly price ranging from 10 – 300 USD.

Check out the BSA system and identify prospective websites that sell banner advertisements space on their blogs with huge page views. Design a custom tailored ad banner featuring an appropriate affiliate product in sync with the target blog’s niche and invest an amount like 50 to 100 USD for a banner spot. Placing the advertisement banner on such blogs will expose your affiliate link to thousands of targeted audience interested in the product.

If you are able to convert atleast one or two sales through these ads, you have already recovered our investment amount and the chances are that you could secure large number of sales. With affiliate products like web hosting or themes that offer 50 to 80 USD on an average it’s easy to make money deploying such ads on a network of websites.

You could try this method on one or two blogs to start off and maybe later enhance your ad portfolios. The key is in identifying the right website, the right product and most importantly the right banner advertisement spot! Let me know your feedback on this approach. It has worked well for me and now I am exploring it in deep. I would love to hear your comments on this method.