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Featured Interview: Wanda and Paula from

Wanda and Paula from

Dear readers, today I am very excited to share Orangecopper’s Latest interview with the Wanda & Paula – Two friends who successfully operate the hugely popular in the Amazon Affiliate marketing niche and successfully earning more than 10K USD every month only through the Amazon channel.

I am glad to see that they have taken out time from their busy schedule to craft awesome and info-rich answers to my questions that will help our readers to learn a lot about monetizing your blog with Amazon Affiliates. Read more

How Featured Interviews will Boost your Blog Value

How Featured Interviews will Boost your Blog Value

Every niche will have Experts, so will your blog’s niche will have people who have done well with their own methodology and style. Publishing featured interviews with expert within your niche will boost your blog value by providing more inspiration and guidance to your readers.

I find Featured Interviews as a great method to improve your blog’s readership and pep up the value of the information you share with your readers. Especially when most of the content is written by yourself on your blog, it so happens that the perspectives and opinions you unknowingly project would be linear in thought process. Publishing expert interviews will add more dimensions to the ideas you present on your blog. Read more

Featured Interview: Mani Karthik of

1. Please introduce yourself to our readers – Could you describe what you do and how you earn your living?

Honestly, the toughest question. I’d never try and tag myself to anything. However, I’m basically a tech enthusiast, I blog, I help people with SEO, SMM and Online marketing. I have a few projects on my own. I’m currently employed as SEO specialist with Flip Media. Guess that’s clear enough. Read more

How to create an “Advertise with us” page for my Blog: Complete Guide

How to create an “Advertise with us” page for my Blog: Complete Guide 

The best method to monetize your blog is to advertise using your own advertising program rather than using a PPC partner like AdSense or Chitika, since you directly receive the whole amount the client is paying for his / her advertisement. Simply the same reason why you would not want a broker or agent when your sell your house or property.  

But on the web, unlike in real world not all properties sell easy. You would need to have solid user base, huge page views, a niche authority and reputation to sell the ad space on your website. This is the reason it’s suggested to use programs like AdSense until your website traffic is huge enough to monetize.  Read more