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How many more SEO Jokes? Link Removal Request

It is hilarious to see how online businesses respond to the intelligent changes that Google brings into the industry to clean up the mess. With small and big frequent algo-updates, Google is already famous for shattering online businesses overnight, now see how the industry is responding to such changes. Earlier SEO used to depend on the question, – “how many backlinks do you have” now, there is second question tagged to the first – “How good are your backlinks?”.

With Google rolling out serveral disaster recovery tools and strategies (disavow) and a recovery spokesperson (Matt Cutts, who else) – there are two changes – people are left more confused and Matt Cutts video’s become more popular! Jokes apart from this one, the biggest platform running link directories have come up with a Mod to help directory owners make hay while the link shines. A new feature to force people to pay to get their bad link removed from their directories – Innovative! Read more

How to know if Google has Penalized my website?

It is quite difficult to know if your website has been penalised by Google unless your observe a huge dip in the traffic and your website either disappears from the search results or gets sandboxed. Today I will share a more comprehensive method to find out if your site has been penalised.

Check out the below screenshots of a popular SEO tool that shows each and every small and big Google algorithm updates and the probability of impact of the same  (both positive and negative) on your website. It is a very interesting fact that many of the data pointers you get from this tool really turned out to be good. Will keep you guys posted with more of my findings on the same soon. Read more

Advanced SEO Learning Guide

Nowadays everyone seems to know everything about SEO except for Google! On a serious note, from my understanding, SEO is always evolving improving and changing. It is always good to choose the right resource for your continued learning. Yeah, there are several people talking about SEO but it is always a good idea to learn by testing from what you see around. Here is an excellent resource if you want to learn further about SEO and push it beyond just the basics. An set of organised SEO articles that you might enjoy.

Best SEO strategies for year 2014

This is gonna be yet another year for internet business as the trend never seemed to take a different direction. Considering the approaches taken both the Internet marketing companies as well as the search engine companies it seems that this year is going to be totally yet another quality content driven year.

From the perspective or search engine companies like google, We can expect more focus on hunting low quality websites. As webmasters we should focus on ethical link building and clean strategies. The high level approach on back linking should be link earning and not link building. Read more

Is WordPress Tag Cloud Good or Bad for SEO?

My take on this is certainly it is BAD for SEO as it creates a lot of duplicate content, duplicate backlinks and totally screws up your internal page linking architecture. If you know how to set up relationships and canonical tags, and, you know exactly what you are doing, it could do some benefit, but mostly it is just harmful in my own opinion. Here is a video from Matt Cutts on what he thinks..

When is the Next Google PR Update 2014?

OrangeCopperâ„¢ Webmaster community has been predicting the next google page rank update for the past several years and we “try” to draw a pattern based on the previous updates and releases from Google. As a webmaster, you might also aware that Google Page Rank is an internal metric and cant be authorititavely confirmed by anyone but Google.

Just like any other webmaster, we also closely follow the updates from Google on a regular basis and will continue to update this page with the latest news and updates on the Google PR for the benefit of our readers.Till the last update, our predictions have closely matched with the result and are being hugely supported by webmasters around the world with observations from their side. Unlike other years, last year the Google Internal PR system was broken and as per experts from Google, they did not have much plan to update it for the PR tool as it is quite understandably their internal metric. Read more

Use htaccess to redirect blog posts from Subfolder to Root

A simple trick to redirect all your content automatically from a subfolder on your website / blog to the root folder. Simply create a new .htaccess file within the sub-directory and save.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ / [R=301,L]

With the above lines included in a file named .htaccess in the subfolder, everything in /subfolder redirects to /. Hope this simple trick has helped you automatically redirect all the content on your blog which was moved from a subfolder to the root folder. Also note that the search engine juice and backlinks to the subfolder will be carried forward to the root by using this method.

How to ensure Google Authorship is Working for your website?

Google Authorship has become a mandate requirement for any content creator nowadays. It not only helps you to claim the content you create but also helps you to build traffic and followers from Google+ / Google search. In some cases, even though you have made all the necessary required changes to enable Google Authorship on your blog, it still does not work. Your first move is to test your blog / article URL for Google authorship using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

This tool helps you preview how a particular URL would appear in Google search as shown below. In addition, it checks if Google Authorship is working fine on your blog or website. For Google Authorship to work, your content page should have link to your Google+ profile and you need to verify your email address for authorship. When both the above conditions are satisfied, Google authorship widgets start appearing in search results. Read more

Google Rumored to have paid AdBlockPlus to get Ads Whitelisted

Adblock Plus has been growing in popularity over the year in blocking advertisements being displayed on browsers. Google Adwords being the most popular advertisement network on the Internet rightfully has reasons to worry about this growing trends of blocking ads.

It is similar to blocking advertisement slots between television shows and asking advertisers to invest on your show. Certainly applications like Adblock Plus might give a cleaner browsing experience but it really screws up the entire business model. On the flip side, they can certainly go ahead blocking advertisements based on niche or interest but not ad networks as a whole. Money from advertisement networks is in one way fuel to the publishers working hard to compile great information for readers (especially in blog networks). Read more

The best WordPress Plugins for your Recipe website

With Google Launching an Official Google Recipe Search feature on Google search, we know that recipe business is getting into a real serious league. If you own a recipe blog or website, there are loads of new search based technology development in this niche that you might want to be aware of.

Google has introduced a “Recipe” search feature / page to the official Google search portal thereby making it easier for people to search for recipes based on certain well defined search criteria. The same applies to web designers and webmasters while posting recipes (to ensure your listing gets listed in the recipe search in the right format). Read more