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Bring Google Analytics to WordPress Dashboard with Analyticator

If you are an active webmaster I bet you would be frequently checking Google Analytics on your progress, websites stats etc. Now since WordPress is one of the most popular CMS on the web, there should be a huge number of websites that runs on WordPress. Today, we will share details about a very useful light weight WordPress plugin that will help bring the goodness of Google Analytics right to your WordPress dashboard.

Google Analyticator is a simple WP plugin that adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google Analytics Tracking on any WP Blog. This firstly eliminates the need of editing your website’s theme files to embedd the tracking code provided by Google. In addition, the plugin activates / displays a very neat Analytics chart and key stats on your WordPress Dashboard (with selected range of toda, 30days, 60 days etc.) Read more

Most Searched Keywords on Google in 2013

Most Searched Keywords on Google in 2013

Below is a report embed from the Google Trends application showing the most searched keywords at different point of time. Even though there isn’t much data enough to show the most searched keywords in 2013 at this point, this is a live report that would keep on updating the information as time passes with the latest keywords being searched on Google Search.

You can also find the most searched keywords for the year 2012 and also specific to USA. Click on the Google Trends link below each of the live report to reach the page where you can identify the top searched keywords based on your search criteria. You may also sort the results based on time frame, location, trends etc. Let me know your feedback on using Google Trends and how helpful it has been to you as a webmaster. Read more

Google’s New Analytics Android app is really worth installing!

Recently observed the Android application for Google Analytics and I was really surprised to see several positive changes for the application. The application has become very much handy and reveals loads of useful information with each click.

When compared to the previous version, it is very evident that Google Analytics team has spend good amount of time in research and design improvement. I am attaching few screenshots captured from my smartphone and would certainly recommend every webmaster to have the official Google app installed on your mobile too. Read more

The Secret of Earning from your YouTube Channel

The Secret of Earning from your YouTube Channel & Videos

If you are capable of making some unique video content, then you sure qualify to make money online from your free YouTube channel online. Today, we will discuss the possibilites of earning from your YouTube channel by creating a channel and uploading quality and unique videos to your video channel.

I personally started my YouTube channel and video collections online as a hobby and it feels great to share the results that I have been seeing in the past months enabling me to monetize my videos into real cash that could help produce further videos. Below is a screenshot from my YouTube channel analytics and it shows how possible it is to monetize your original content. Read more

How to recover from Google Exact Match Domain update

How to recover from Google Exact Match Domain update

You might be here and reading this because your website or blog has been affected by the Google EMD update that succeeded the Google Panda and Google Penguin updates. The specific Google EMD update was pushed online on 29th September 2012 and everyone impacted  with the EMD update can find a HUGE drop in the traffic on that specific day onwards.

What is EMD update? Read more

Why Your Blog is better than Million other Blogs!

Why Your Blog is better than Million other Blogs

We all know there are thousands of blogs being added daily to the internet and even more of them expiring. It’s critical to know the “real shortcut” to bypass almost 95% of the blogs competing with you without much effort. All you need to have is the right knowhow.

Today I want to share a live project with you that will help you learn and believe what it takes to learn and use this shortcut to outdo majority of your niche competition. Read more

List of the best 10 SEO Blogs of the Year 2012

 List of the best 10 SEO Blogs of the Year 2012

If you are new to search engine optimization or want to pick up some key elements then you must be informed with the recent developments and announcements. You cannot work for a project or the latest website if you are not aware of the latest SEO developments. You must keep a track of the top SEO blogs to keep yourself updated with the news that will be vital to your SEO related work. Since, nowadays, there is a top-10 list of almost everything under the sun; we are tempted to present to you our very own top-10 list for the SEO blogs. Hope it helps you in your projects.

1) Read more

Difference between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools

What is the Difference between Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools?

If you have already discovered Google Analytics and Google webmaster tools, Great Job! Both are awesome tools provided by Google to the world of webmasters for free. Now, you might have a difficulty in clearly differentiating between both the tools and their purpose, mainly because the menus and content look similar in both (revealing data about your website traffic). My aim is to hopefully clear all your questions about the difference between Analytics and Google WT.

Google Analytics is a pure analytics tool that focuses in providing you with valuable analytical information about your website traffic, sources and various data points. Read more

Use FeedBurner to Analyze Readership Activity

Google Feedburner with the launch of its new and improved interface has made it easier for a webmaster to track and analyze the feed readership. Feed readers might land on your website from different sources like Email subscriptions, Google Reader interface or any other blog feeding from your blog feeds.

Google feed burner also allows you to feed your blog contents directly into social networking websites like Twitter and FaceBook hence empowering your blog to stay active on the social stage as well. Read more

Real Time Website Analytics By Google!

Real Time Website Analytics By Google!

The latest development in the Google Analytics dashboard is the new feature that they have included lately that helps you track the traffic on your website on a real time basis. The feature addition is a HUGE boost to the traffic analytics market that might be soon dominated by Google single handed!

This is certainly a big reason to start considering Google Analytics as the single tracking system for webmasters to analyze and track the website traffic and demographics. Google Analytics already was one of the big players in this league and with this feature addition, it leaves no reason for a webmaster to consider other options like Sitemeter, GetClicky, Woopra etc. Read more