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YouTube gifted me a Bonus Payment this Month!

One of my active YouTube channel that was launched 4 months back had been doing fairly good post its launch. The channel has gained more than 250,000 views and 1500 subscribers in this period of time. On an average the channel used to earn a modest 150 USD every month and that looked like a quality income considering the fact that the channel was quite new.

YouTube had been regularly sending me tips, suggestions and sensible recommendations to help improve and polish my channel to deliver better results. Last week one such regular emails from YouTube took me by surprise! The send me a message congratulating me for my efforts on building this specific channel and gifted me with a Bonus payment added to my regular monthly check. This one move honestly swept me off my feet because, with billions of videos and millions of channels, they had a system in place to give relevant attention to each content developer. Read more

How to Report and Remove Your Stolen Video from YouTube

It is a possibility that your content could go stolen on YouTube. You might have spend several hours of your quality time to create unique content for your YouTube channel and it is certainly not fair when someone easily steals it and re-uploads on YouTube. Today we will share the process to report your stolen video on YouTube (by violating copyright ethics) and get the duplicate video removed from

YouTube has a very easy method of reporting your stolen video re-uploaded by another YouTube user. This could either be a complete video / part of your video / scenes from your video / music content etc. Which ever it is, if you are the owner and someone using it for their benefit, report it to YouTube and get the content removed. Read more

How to Change your YouTube Channel Name in 2013

You might not have expected your YouTube Video channel to become a success when you started it but down the lane you might consider to re-brand your YouTube channel name. But Sadly, YouTube will not allow you to change the “channel URL” more than once after setup. Also there are situations that your YouTube brand name / URL is already taken by the time you register your channel.

In order to brand your YouTube channel and have the “desired username” Google has officially introduced a new method in the year 2013. This method helps you to take a username of your choice to promote branding of YouTube channels. Read more

Connect your YouTube Channel with a Google Plus

Branding a YouTube Channel has become easier with the new capability of connecting your YouTube channel with a Google+ Fan page / Brand page. This allows you to not only completely brand your YouTube channel, but also to change your YouTube “Channel Name” to what you want to. Below are the steps to connect / link your YouTube channel with a Google Plus page.

Step 1: Login to your YouTube Account (Channel account) Read more

Why do YouTube Videos get Stuck at 301 Views

Why do YouTube Videos get Stuck at 301 Views?

If you have spent quite some time on YouTube watching videos, am sure you might have seen several videos getting stuck at “301+” views. On the flip side if you are a YT channel owner and uploaded a video that is stuck at 301+ views for quite a while, don’t you worry, its NOT a software glitch or mistake.

Each YT video uploaded to your channel on YouTube is copied into several servers at different geographic locations across the globe and when a video request is done from YouTube website, it is served from the nearest server. Once the video is served, YouTube geography based system makes an entry log into their database which is later calculated and synced at the main server for total views calculation. Read more

After how many views does YouTube Pay

After how many views does YouTube starts to Pay

Even thought the question does not have a definite answer, Being a YouTube partner, I can answer based on my experience and previous payout patterns. Basically, you its good NOT to expect payment immediately after you become a YouTube partner or as immediately as you enable Monetization on your YouTube account.

The earnings depend on the consistant number of increasing views with which your payout amount also increases. The general formula or a generic pattern could be defined as below: Read more

YouTube & Adsense Monetization update

This update is for all those web-masters who have a Google Adsense account as well as earn through your YouTube Channel. Till April 1st 2013, as per the Google, the Adsense dashboard included both Adsense and YouTube earnings in the same place but now it has been removed out of the Google Adsense dashboard and included as a part of the YouTube Analytics dashboard.

So next time dont be shocked to see the Google adsense earnings for the “hosted content” missing out of your Adsense dashboard, its all safe there in the Youtube analytics dashboard as shown in the below image. Read more

The Secret of Earning from your YouTube Channel

The Secret of Earning from your YouTube Channel & Videos

If you are capable of making some unique video content, then you sure qualify to make money online from your free YouTube channel online. Today, we will discuss the possibilites of earning from your YouTube channel by creating a channel and uploading quality and unique videos to your video channel.

I personally started my YouTube channel and video collections online as a hobby and it feels great to share the results that I have been seeing in the past months enabling me to monetize my videos into real cash that could help produce further videos. Below is a screenshot from my YouTube channel analytics and it shows how possible it is to monetize your original content. Read more

Copyright free BG Music for your YouTube Videos Legally?

How to find Copyright free Background Music for your YouTube Videos Legally?

Creating great content and publishing them on YouTube alone cannot guarantee you success in monetizing your videos. As per the YouTube TOS (Terms Of Service) every single part of your video should be solely owned by the channel owner, hence all content including the background music should be free from any copyright bindings.

YouTube itself provides us with a solution this problem with the help of an awesome feature called AudioSwap, You may activate AudioSwap for your YouTube account from here. Once activated you will find AudioSwap enabled for the My Videos tab on your account. Read more