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How many more SEO Jokes? Link Removal Request

It is hilarious to see how online businesses respond to the intelligent changes that Google brings into the industry to clean up the mess. With small and big frequent algo-updates, Google is already famous for shattering online businesses overnight, now see how the industry is responding to such changes. Earlier SEO used to depend on the question, – “how many backlinks do you have” now, there is second question tagged to the first – “How good are your backlinks?”.

With Google rolling out serveral disaster recovery tools and strategies (disavow) and a recovery spokesperson (Matt Cutts, who else) – there are two changes – people are left more confused and Matt Cutts video’s become more popular! Jokes apart from this one, the biggest platform running link directories have come up with a Mod to help directory owners make hay while the link shines. A new feature to force people to pay to get their bad link removed from their directories – Innovative! Read more

Is WordPress Tag Cloud Good or Bad for SEO?

My take on this is certainly it is BAD for SEO as it creates a lot of duplicate content, duplicate backlinks and totally screws up your internal page linking architecture. If you know how to set up relationships and canonical tags, and, you know exactly what you are doing, it could do some benefit, but mostly it is just harmful in my own opinion. Here is a video from Matt Cutts on what he thinks..

Disable dangerous PHP functions on Apache Server

How to disable all the unwanted functions on your Web server to secure it further. Create a file named php.ini on your web server root and add the below content in it. Further restart the apache server services on your web server and the changes will take effect. These lines of code will stop your web server from allowing remote and cross site scripting to secure it further. Let me know your thoughts..

disable_functions = “apache_child_terminate, apache_setenv, define_syslog_variables, escapeshellarg, escapeshellcmd, eval, exec, fp, fput, ftp_connect, ftp_exec, ftp_get, ftp_login, ftp_nb_fput, ftp_put, ftp_raw, ftp_rawlist, highlight_file, ini_alter, ini_get_all, ini_restore, inject_code, mysql_pconnect, openlog, passthru, php_uname, phpAds_remoteInfo, phpAds_XmlRpc, phpAds_xmlrpcDecode, phpAds_xmlrpcEncode, popen, posix_getpwuid, posix_kill, posix_mkfifo, posix_setpgid, posix_setsid, posix_setuid, posix_setuid, posix_uname, proc_close, proc_get_status, proc_nice, proc_open, proc_terminate, shell_exec, syslog, system, xmlrpc_entity_decode, exec,system,passthru,readfile,shell_exec,escapeshellarg,escapeshellcmd,proc_close,proc_open,ini_alter,dl,popen,parse_ini_file,show_source,curl_exec”

YouTube gifted me a Bonus Payment this Month!

One of my active YouTube channel that was launched 4 months back had been doing fairly good post its launch. The channel has gained more than 250,000 views and 1500 subscribers in this period of time. On an average the channel used to earn a modest 150 USD every month and that looked like a quality income considering the fact that the channel was quite new.

YouTube had been regularly sending me tips, suggestions and sensible recommendations to help improve and polish my channel to deliver better results. Last week one such regular emails from YouTube took me by surprise! The send me a message congratulating me for my efforts on building this specific channel and gifted me with a Bonus payment added to my regular monthly check. This one move honestly swept me off my feet because, with billions of videos and millions of channels, they had a system in place to give relevant attention to each content developer. Read more

Good Content is Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation, commonly referred to as SEO, is the art of optimising your blogs or websites to achieve higher ranks on the Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. The two important aspects of SEO are: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. These terms are no rocket science, basically, they are they refer to optimizing your web pages (on page SEO) and building quality back link to your content (off page SEO).

This article covers several good practices that could eventually get rid of the pain to manually try building back links to your website. A simple practice of writing for a reason, to share and help will result in gradual and dependable reputation building. Read more

How to ensure Google Authorship is Working for your website?

Google Authorship has become a mandate requirement for any content creator nowadays. It not only helps you to claim the content you create but also helps you to build traffic and followers from Google+ / Google search. In some cases, even though you have made all the necessary required changes to enable Google Authorship on your blog, it still does not work. Your first move is to test your blog / article URL for Google authorship using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

This tool helps you preview how a particular URL would appear in Google search as shown below. In addition, it checks if Google Authorship is working fine on your blog or website. For Google Authorship to work, your content page should have link to your Google+ profile and you need to verify your email address for authorship. When both the above conditions are satisfied, Google authorship widgets start appearing in search results. Read more

Microsoft’s Bing launches a ‘Search by License’ option, now find images by usage rights

Microsoft announced Bing’s new image search feature called “Search by License”. This has been one of the most useful feature launched by Bing in the recent past. Bing now allows you to filter images based on the usage rights – that means, you don’t have to worry anymore about if you can use the given image or not.

Previously, one had to dig through the photo details in Bing image search to find out the license details (if any available) but now, it is simplified with the inclusion of a license search. Below is a screenshot of how the feature works: Read more

How to Improve your website traffic from USA

Firstly, let us start with knowing the reason behind encouraging web traffic from countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc. The major reason behind loving traffic from these geographical location is because the traffic results in higher income w.r.t contextual advertising networks like AdSense. Due to the high currency value and higher advertisement investments from advertisers from these countries, the CPC (Cost Per Click) is higher.

Checkout the below screenshot that shows my traffic analysis from different countries over the past few months. The top earning traffic comes from USA and the CPC (Cost Per Click) from USA is as high as 0.68 USD. On the flip side, take a look at the CPC from India (as low as 0.08), this shows the huge difference. Countries like UK, Canada and Australia has CPC’s of .68, .76 and .96 respectively. This explains why we should encourage traffic from countries like USA, Canada, Australia etc. Below are varios ways in which you can tap the traffic from these countries. Read more

Tough to differenciate between Sponsored and Organic Search results on Google

Have you ever experienced bending your head to either sides while searching for something on Google to differenciate between paid / sponsored search results and organic (natural) search results? Well, I do that almost every day! It has seemingly become difficult to differenciate between the both, especially on an LED scree (seeing form the same level).

Below is a screenshot from a Google search, I am really not able to make out the color difference that used to be more prominant earlier (from what I believe) based on my experience searching all these years loyally on Google. I recollect reading an article where FTC (Federal Trade Commission) instructs leading internet companies to ensure online ads are clearly distinguished from regular Web-search results to avoid misleading customers. Maybe such a change or update is still in progress. Read more