Google Removes Authorship Photos from Search Results for ever

What happened to Google Authorship Photos?

A recent change to the Search world that really shook the webmasters and Search engine analysts by surprise was when Google officially “removed” all the Google Plus Authorship photos from the search results. That means from now on, even though the name of the author will appear below each of the articles like it used to do (thereby linking to G+ profile) but the photo wouldn’t continue to appear.

In my opinion, this was an awesome advancement to search engine results when Google introduced the “Authorship” feature. Below is how search results with the new authorship would look like without the author photo.Google Removes Authorship Photos from Search Results for ever

Why such a change by removing the Authorship photos? (more…)

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How many more SEO Jokes? Link Removal Request

how many more seo jokes

It is hilarious to see how online businesses respond to the intelligent changes that Google brings into the industry to clean up the mess. With small and big frequent algo-updates, Google is already famous for shattering online businesses overnight, now see how the industry is responding to such changes. Earlier SEO used to depend on the question, – “how many backlinks do you have” now, there is second question tagged to the first – “How good are your backlinks?”.

With Google rolling out serveral disaster recovery tools and strategies (disavow) and a recovery spokesperson (Matt Cutts, who else) – there are two changes – people are left more confused and Matt Cutts video’s become more popular! Jokes apart from this one, the biggest platform running link directories have come up with a Mod to help directory owners make hay while the link shines. A new feature to force people to pay to get their bad link removed from their directories – Innovative!

next big joke in SEO - Link Removal Request!Now this is income even if you want to add a link or more likely, want to remove one! Above is a screenshot of one such directory with the feature enabled. Poor webmasters have no option but pay to get their tape deleted! What do you think about this twist in the movie? (more…)

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Is WordPress Tag Cloud Good or Bad for SEO?

My take on this is certainly it is BAD for SEO as it creates a lot of duplicate content, duplicate backlinks and totally screws up your internal page linking architecture. If you know how to set up relationships and canonical tags, and, you know exactly what you are doing, it could do some benefit, but mostly it is just harmful in my own opinion. Here is a video from Matt Cutts on what he thinks..

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