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Microsoft’s Bing launches a ‘Search by License’ option, now find images by usage rights

Microsoft announced Bing’s new image search feature called “Search by License”. This has been one of the most useful feature launched by Bing in the recent past. Bing now allows you to filter images based on the usage rights – that means, you don’t have to worry anymore about if you can use the given image or not.

Previously, one had to dig through the photo details in Bing image search to find out the license details (if any available) but now, it is simplified with the inclusion of a license search. Below is a screenshot of how the feature works: Read more

How to Change your YouTube Channel Name in 2013

You might not have expected your YouTube Video channel to become a success when you started it but down the lane you might consider to re-brand your YouTube channel name. But Sadly, YouTube will not allow you to change the “channel URL” more than once after setup. Also there are situations that your YouTube brand name / URL is already taken by the time you register your channel.

In order to brand your YouTube channel and have the “desired username” Google has officially introduced a new method in the year 2013. This method helps you to take a username of your choice to promote branding of YouTube channels. Read more

Connect your YouTube Channel with a Google Plus

Branding a YouTube Channel has become easier with the new capability of connecting your YouTube channel with a Google+ Fan page / Brand page. This allows you to not only completely brand your YouTube channel, but also to change your YouTube “Channel Name” to what you want to. Below are the steps to connect / link your YouTube channel with a Google Plus page.

Step 1: Login to your YouTube Account (Channel account) Read more

Search Engine Optimization using Infographics

Have you ever wondered why so many infographics are published by big brands and popular blogs? Why would they want to spend so much time and effort to share free information to the world? You might have guessed it right, Infographics spread virally over the web because of the huge amount of information shared within a single image.

Infographics have a great advantage that they look great and carry a lot of information that could be easily grasped – this is one good reason why Infographics are highly appreciated. Chances are high that a good infographc spreads virally on the internet via social media sharing and blog posts. Read more

The 200 Minutes of Daily Blogging Plan

Do you blog on a regular basis? Not everyone can cater enough time to blog everyday especially when you are engaged in a permanant day job. Hence this post is clearly aimed at those bloggers who have already taken up their blogging journey on a professional level.

I will today share my schedule and plan according to which I drive my professional blogging activities on my two primary blogs that I work 5 days a week on. If you are earning a livelyhood from your blog, it certainly demands enough time and effort from your every single day. I work on two blogs on a daily basis and ensure I spent atleast 200 minutes (mostly not more than that) every day on blogging and related activities. Here is how the 200 minutes are split into several webmaster activities. Read more

List of Top KeywordSpy Alternatives 2013

List of Top KeywordSpy Alternatives 2013

KeywordSpy is one of the MOST popular and robust keyword research tool available online today. It’s quite impossible to find an alternative to what KeywordSpy could do for you in-terms of providing valuable information about Keywords, CPC for keywords, competitor data, affiliate products and network related information, top paid keywords and lots more.

It all boils down to how much time and effort you want to invest on keyword research because KeywordSpy and the information from the website does not come cheap. They have a monthly subscription charges starting from 89 USD / month. Read more

How to Increase Google Adsense CPC?

How to Increase Google Adsense CPC?

When Google Adsense earning goes low the most probable issue that you might be facing could be low CPC or low CTC. Lets start by understanding what are these two commonly used critical terms w.r.t Google Adsense contextual advertising system. CTC stands for Click Through Rate (higher the better) and CPC is Cost Per Click (same, higher the better).

Our topic of consideration is Adsense Cost Per Clic (CPC) very low. Under such situation, even though there are loads of pageviews, increasing clicks, still you fail to make considerable money. There could be several reasons that could result in low CPC. Read more

How to Repair your Website’s SEO Reputation

How to Repair your Website’s SEO Reputation?

SEO reputation is nothing but how good you rank in the eyes of Google or other popular search engines. Higher the SEO reputation of your blog or website, better is the chance of your website appearing in search engine results when compared to your competing websites. SEO reputation depends on several factors and today we will discuss how to improve and repair your SEO rep.

How to Repair your Website’s SEO Reputation

Read more

Find & Use Copyright Free Images

Find & Use Copyright Free Images from Flickr

Finding the appropriate images for your blog and content writing work has been always a challenge for Bloggers and website content developers around the globe. Using images from photo sharing websites like Flickr has been a common practice for long with the copyright link and text below the image.

Today we will share a simple method that can help you search, find, choose and embed the image +copyright attribute HTML at one go. Photo Pin is an innovate website that has a very simple interface where you can search millions of Creative Commons photos from Flickr and add them to your blog posts easily. Read more

Why you should *BUY* services for your Website / Blog?

Why you should *BUY* services for your Website / Blog?

In one of my previous articles, I did explain something that I call The Fountain Rule of Blogging and if you read through the article, you will understand that I emphasise on the importance of reinvesting your earnings back on to your blog. For any business model, for consistant growth, you will have to reinvest back into the business in form of time and technology.

If you are at the early stages of your web business and is still learning, I wouldnt personally recommend making an investment early because you might not be already convinced in the potential of web based properties. Gradually as you and your business grow, its important that you ensure to reinvest back into your web business periodically to help equip your business to grow in different directions. Read more