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How to Import vBulletin Forum into bbPress on WordPress

few years back i proudly posted of migrating to vBulletin premium forum system and boasted about the great move I made back then! Sadly, I am having to change my opinion after few years of being on the vBulletin platform which I paid 300 USD (just to download). I must admit that it is one of the most powerful and scalable forum script as of today but they lack that kind of support and customer service. It is always good when everything goes smooth but things change once you are hacked or your forum breaks.

Several times, I observed that the forum was broken and I managed to fix it with some break-fix techniques but finally my forum was hacked and without me knowing, the system was injected with several shell scripts by malicious hackers and never knew about this unless I started observing several phishing attempts from my server. I was quick to clean up and change passwords, in a matter of hours, I was hacked again! Later on further investigation I found that there were scripts everywhere hidden into folders with legit looking file names. It became very hard as I did have the below challenges / road blocks with vBulletin: Read more

How to make Full width BBPress Forum pages

A simple tutorial on how you could convert your bbPress Forum into a full width forum template allowing the forum to span throughout the website. Firstly you will have to understand where the bbPress system will pick up the page template for its default forum page.  bbPress by default checks for ‘bbpress.php’, ‘forum.php’, ‘page.php’, ‘single.php’, ‘index.php’ files in your theme’s directory and further uses the file in the same order of availability. If you find any of these pages in the order in your theme directory, use them, else make a forum.php template by copying the source of page.php.

To achieve the full width look, firstly change the primary class value to wide. Basically search and add the class=”wide”. Next, remember to remove the line that calls the sidebar. You are done. Check out the below screenshots for a better idea!  Read more

How to hide a WordPress Blog post from Home Page?

Recently I had a requirement to add a photo gallery on one of my blogs. I added the gallery as a new category and wanted to add individual posts under the gallery showcasing my photographs. One problem I was facing was, each time I add a new photo to the gallery, it appears as a new post on the homepage. Such posts were not adding much value to my blog’s home page and I wanted to hide it.

Today, we will learn a quick method on how to hide “specific posts” from the home page without altering anything else. Firstly, install a very light weight plugin called Hide on Homepage and activate it. Further, create a new post and scroll down to find “custom fields” and add a new custom field named “hide_on_homepage” and set the value as “1″. On publishing an article / post with this custom field and value will ensure that post will be excluded from the home page. Read more

Best Places to Outsource your Company Logo Design Online in 2013

Even though there are thousands of design service providing companies and millions of freelancers available online to outsource your Logo design work, the are lucky few who manage to come out with a great design! Logo is the face of your business and deserves a lot more attention than simply hiring just anyone to craft a logo. Today we will discover the best places to outsource your logo design job online and get high quality result based on your investment. – Advantage of Crowdsourcing in Design Read more

A Very Clean Minimal & Elegant WordPress Theme

A Very Clean Minimal & Elegant WordPress Theme

Today I wanted to quickly leave a note on Orangecopper Blog to bring one excellent theme to my reader’s notice. I have been searching for a “clean theme” specifically because there aren’t many that you can point out as really clean and neat theme. Below were my requirements:

  • Clean layout
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Perfectly neat typography
  • Cleanly marked out sidebars and content area
  • Responsive and modern
  • Read more

Move WordPress blog from Subfolder to Root Folder

It is often debated if you would want to have your blog on a subfolder or your blog on the root folder. If you ask me, both are great ideas but it is vital to study the requirement of your blog or website. If your blog is maintained to give corporate or industry updates on your company’s behalf, its better to have the blog as a subfolder of your website but if its a dedicated blog, why not have it on the root?

WordPress is highly Search Engine Friendly because of its neat code and solid framework structure. Hence it is advisable to have the WordPress blog on the root folder (inside public_html) of your website as it would do good right from the home page in terms of SEO. Read more

List of the Best Free Forum Script 2013

List of the Best Free Forum Script 2013

Installing a forum is a great idea to drive additional traffic and trigger improved conversations. I have installed a vBulletin based webmaster forum on this website and the site gets about 40% additional traffic to the forum and the content on the forum is crowd-sourced.

It is certainly very difficult to choose the forum script to install on your website because as users and content keep increasing, you do not have a choice to go back to a different forum script (migration is possible but is a very tedious process). There are hundreds of big and small forum scripts available on the web. Today we have choose the best few open source free forum script as of the year 2013 for you to download and use. Read more

Best WordPress Cache Plugins 2013

Best WordPress Cache Plugins 2013

What is caching:  Each time a visitor access your blog, the Wordpress script would have to go through a process of gathering up every single thing you see on the blog page. The long process would include the PHP code making number of calls to the database to fetch information and tables. This process could happen 10 – 400 times when each page is loaded. This slowness can be reduced by using a feature called “caching”.

Once caching on the server is enabled, only the first visitor accessing your blog page would have to go through the lengthy process and the caching system would store the results in a cache and serve the same for the subsequent users. The method speeds up your blog to about 50 – 200 percentage than normal processing. Read more

Next Google PageRank update 2013

When is the Next Google PageRank update 2013

The experts at OrangeCopper™ Webmaster community has been predicting the next google page rank update for the past several years and we still continue to post updates regarding the same this year too. Below were the hugely popular previous year predictions. We cant be exactly sure on the date of Google PR update, however we can predict the approximate month with the help of previous patterns.

What is Facebook Coded or Programmed on?

What is Facebook Coded or Programmed on?

You might be interested to know what’s really beneath this Social Networking giant that’s still holding it strong through millions of users and tones of data. Well, toady we will discuss on the nuts and bolts of the Facebook machine if you were interested to explore what it takes to make something unique.

What is Facebook Coded or Programmed on?

Read more