Design Banners for your Affiliate Campaigns

Design Custom Banners for your Affiliate Campaigns

Affiliate marketing success is all about promoting great products in a unique manner that people notice your campaigns. Be it any product promotion, it never clicks if your Advertisements go unnoticed! The first step towards building a successful product advertisement is to get noticed by your website visitor and it’s after that everything else comes.

If you have observed this blog, you will find a unique, custom designed banner being displayed after each and every article like this one you are reading. These banners lead to different affiliate products earning me commission on a sale. The click through rate (CTR) of these banners are very high and I make at least one sale daily. The 2 major reasons to better conversions are:

1. The right design with details
2. The right placement of the banners

I use a plugin called MBP Banner rotators from MaxBlogPress that helps me rotate all these banners evenly through all my pages and place it accurately for maximum visibility. I strongly recommend designing your own affiliate banner with more details rather than using the common banners for the product found everywhere on the web. This will easily help your ads get noticed on the page.

If you are not a good graphic designer, I recommend you to hire someone do the design for you for 5 dollars from


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One thought on “Design Banners for your Affiliate Campaigns

  1. Excellent idea! I've worked with merchants before in marketing their products online and one of the basic requirements I suggest is for them to have professional-looking banners ready for their affiliates. Many people would simply not market something when they have to do or spend for the creatives themselves.

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