Find your website’s click Heatmap using Google Inpage Analytics

Google’s Analytics service is a very useful tool for all the webmasters to track your website visitors and their actions on the website. It provides the most extensive details that you could find on the web provided by any other service provider and that too for Free! Thank you Google!!

The latest news is that Google has launched a new beta feature on October 15th 2010 called Inpage Analytics. You could read more about it on the official Google blog here

Inpage analytics is a huge boon to webmasters who want to study the heatmap of your blog and understand where on their blog or websites users click the most and which has the maximum exposure to your users. This could help you to identify where are the strategic locations on your website to place ads or important content that requires attention. Below is the official feature walk through by google and check it out if you are interested.

How to use In-page Analytic

  • Login to your Google analytics account
  • Dashboard -> content -> In-page analytics

Select the date range you want to see the in-page click heatmap

Below you would find the live in-page analytics, clicks and click heatmap

Below is the official google In page analytics walk through that is been released in youtube, have a look at it to study more on the very useful launch by Google once again.


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2 thoughts on “Find your website’s click Heatmap using Google Inpage Analytics

    1. Raybak,

      Yes more or less the same. But to clarify Site overlay was the not much clicked sister of in-page analytics. Google has released inpage analytics as an improved version of site overlay and both are the same infact.

      regards, Josh

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