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The Blog Hour of Your Day

The Blog Hour of Your Day for Building a Successful Blog

Can you recollect when was the last blog post you published on your blog? Well, if you blog regularly your answer would be simple! But if you are not a frequent blogger, you might have to open your blog to find the answer.

What makes it so difficult to regularly blog and write content for your readers? If you ask me, even I do fail to blog frequently. Even though our reasons could be different the solution will be same – adding blogging to your daily life. Read more

Videos buffer, but not your time

I can recollect my first website I created in my 9th grade at school. It was my first experience as a web entrepreneur trying to find my own space on the World Wide Web. Those days I was unaware of the concept of web hosting and self hosted websites. I registered a free domain and a shared hosting from Tripod and that day my first website went online and it was a casino referral website referring visitors to online gambling websites and earning through referrals.

I was dumb when it comes to web concepts back those days. I seriously wish if my country or my education system gave the kind of exposure – the kids have these days in India.( or wished I had the exposure the kids had those days in places like the USA) Read more