1 month workout to Double your Blog traffic

1 month workout to Double your Blog traffic

Today I am excited to share a one month workout that guarantees to at least double your blogs traffic. If you wish to implement this approach and join hands with me am sure you would be a glad blogger at the end of the month.

The workout has 2 initiatives that you should stick to:

1. Write a unique article for your blog every week day
2. Write 2 guest posts on weekends

Even though it might look like time consuming, the whole ac would not take more than 2 hours a day on an average. If you are serious about building your blog Into a highly read business model, this should not be a big deal!

You might be already writing an article a day for your blog, if not it’s a great idea to keep your posting frequency high with the search engines and readers in mind. Also, you should identify at-least 4 top blogs in your niche and spend your Saturday and Sunday to craft one guest post each to publish on these top blogs.

The posting frequency would do good to your search engine indexing rate and keep your readers busy while the guest posting will continue to expose your blog to new audience.

In addition to receiving new referred users from the other blogs, it will also add on to boost your Google PR with high quality link backs from these guest posts. All under consideration, it’s always a win win situation and these actions will reflect in your traffic boost over time. Am certain that the boost in traffic will continue to boost your morale and encourage you as a blogger.