10 Essential Items to Include in your Social Media Plan

10 Essential Items to Include in your Social Media Plan

Setting up a social media plan is a large undertaking that can take a lot of time to really perfect, but it is essential if you plan to grab a large audience for your money website. Knowing what to include is the most important part of a social media plan and this article will show you the 10 best things you need to add. Without these essential points your entire plan can fall apart, so take notes and do this thing right.

Baseline Numbers: Take account of how many visitors and followers you have at this very second. It doesn’t matter if you have a somewhat popular account with 100 visitors a month or a sparse two followers. You need to know these numbers so you know if your social media plan is really improving your social spread or if your marketing is falling flat. Use this number as a constant comparison between now and in the future.

Goals: you know you need to get more people to your social media account and you know you want them to go to your money website. However, this is where most businesses stop. For starters, have a specific number in mind. For example, make a goal for 10 percent more visitors at the end of the week. This gives you another metric to gauge success or failure.

You should also consider what you really want from your visitors. Do you want more sales, exposure, brand awareness or just extra followers? Make sure you know what you want from the extra traffic, as this will ensure your marketing is properly targeting your goals.

Social Media Sites: everyone says they want to target Facebook and Twitter, but are those sites really accommodating to your business? There are a lot of social media websites out there and limiting yourself to two can be disastrous. For example, while Facebook is great, LinkedIn is better for professionals and businesses servicing professionals. Find a network that is best for your goals and target it.

Marketing Efforts: what are you going to do to market yourself? Are you going to just make posts and beg people to join you, or are you going to use videos and viral marketing methods? This will help you allocate funds and time for your marketing.

Target Audience: Social media attracts all kinds of people and you have to know what your audience is. Marketing to tweens is different from marketing to senior citizens. Choose an audience and find out how they use social media so you know how to best attract them.

Competition Mining: How well is your competition doing? While you don’t want to mimic their numbers or strategy you should consider how well the competition is doing. If your competitors gain 100 new followers and you only gain 5 then this shows you that you need to step up your game.

Human Resources: who are going to command the social media plan? Do you have an in-house staff that is capable enough or do you need to outsource? If doing in-house, then who is capable enough for social media marketing? You should place employees appropriately or hire a good outsourcing firm to ensure your social media marketing works.

Activity Calendar: Most people suggest a calendar for your content, but you should make a calendar for all your social media activities. Set up a timetable for making content, interacting with people and building links. This will ensure that your efforts don’t fall behind schedule.

Analyzing Progress: there are two points here: what are you analyzing and how are you going to analyze it? You will need to do this to measure your effectiveness and to see where you are lacking in your marketing.

Bring in Partners: unless you are an island, chances are that you have some business partners. They want more traffic and you want their help with your social media plan. Make a plan to market their business and you can introduce a win-win situation.

Conclusion: making a social media plan is tough and there is a lot to consider, but all of this will make it easier when you do start your marketing. You will know exactly what you expect from social media and how to go about getting it. Ensure you include all of these essentials if you want to succeed in social media marketing.

About the author: Ken Lyons writes for Brainloop, a company specializing in creating a highly secure workspace through secure online document sharing, information rights management, and other data protection services using the highly secure virtual data room for mergers and acquisitions due diligence.



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