Most Essential Features for Every Blog

Most Essential Features for Every Blog

A Successful blog is a combination of several factors and today I would list out few of the most critical factors that you can ensure even your blog is equipped with.

An impressive yet simple design: blog design is a significant part of each and every blog. The design of your blog should be unique and different from most of the blogs in your niche and that helps your readers remember you and come back. The navigation should be simple enough for your users to discover what they are exactly looking for on the blog. There are thousands of free themes on the Internet but to stay a step ahead of the others, I strongly recommend the use of a premium theme! Elegant themes offer a collection of 80 plus themes for an reasonable amount of 39 USD. You should check them out as their awesome themes can take your blog’s look and feel to the next level. I use elegant themes on all of m blogs and I must say am impressed!

A good header and sidebar: an impressive header that conveys the right information and mood is very vital for our blog. If you examine m blog’s header, it says a lot and just enough to convey what the NapIncome blog is all about. The sidebar should be used smartly providing your users with more options to explore and should have the right combination of leads and advertisements.

Related posts for further reading: as you can see on this blog, below ever post there is a list of posts that are closely related to the parent posts. To achieve this, I had used a plugin called – yet another related posts plugin. It leaves your user with more options to stay on your website and explore further in a meaningful and fruitful manner.

Email and feeds subscription management: these are the two pillars of user loyalty management. Both feeds and newsletter subscriptions help you to retain your visitors and call them back to your website when required. Feeds are configured with the help of ( a google free service) using which our subscribers are automatically emailed when a new post is published on your blog. is another free service that helps us manage the email newsletters.

If you have observed I use a Ajax popup system to request users to signup to my system – I use a plugin called popup domination to make this happen.

Social networking connectors: these are important components required on your blog to connect with your users through the social network. It could be simple icons or links to your Facebook fanpage or twitter profile. It helps you hookup with your readers and continue to be associated with then through these platforms.

A good footer for your blog: a footer can be edited through the footer.php file in your themes to add additional information like top posts, about your blog, about the authors or even promote your sponsors / affiliates. Basically the idea is to use the space efficiently! Elegant themes gives you the freedom to add content to your footer from the theme control panel.

Guest post application page: guest posting is an awesome method that can get you great content for free! Have a page for the interested parties who might want to contact you for guest posting or paid reviews.

Take home: these are the basic requirements to convert your blog into a system bubbling with possibilities. It’s up to you to observe other blogs and adopt the best practices that are doing great in the blogging industry.