10 Reasons Why Google Plus is better than Facebook

10 Reasons Why Google Plus is better than Facebook

Recently I published an article on Why webmasters should start considering Google Plus seriously and this is a continuation to it comparing the two Social Networking Giants – Google+ and Facebook. There are several striking similarities between both the platforms, mainly because of the purpose of the websites – social networking. Today, I will break it down to the real reasons why Google+ might even mark the end of Facebook in the coming years.

10 Reasons Why Google Plus is better than Facebook

1. The Potential of Google+ is still very much untapped

As of today, Google Plus is far less popular that Facebook, that leaves are reason for you to enter the platform earlier when compared to your competitors and build a platform for yourselves. In addition, many do not really find a need of using Google plus when they have Facebook, this thought is mainly because of the fact that they have not yet considered to explore the huge possibilities.

2. Google Plus is from the Internet Big Daddy Brand – Google

Google has never gone wrong in most of their efforts, especially when it comes to innovating, building cleaner products, efficiently developing platforms etc. in their past ventures. Most of the products launched by Google have already captured their respective niches and few of the best examples are: Email, Browsers, Search, Instant messaging, mobile operating systems, geographic mapping, Video Sharing etc.

This leaves Google in the good books of “netizens” who are well versed to Google’s successful products by using and trusting them. This could slowly drive people into using Google Plus too and the awesomely coded platform might just blow their minds off!

3. Google+ users can sign up for Authorship

A very unique feature that “Only” Google can offer is the so called “Authorship“. This feature pins down content exactly to the owner adding their social involvement in every single content that author wishes to publish on the internet. As you can see in the screenshots below, Google plus author photo and link to the Google+ profiles are pinned to every search results thereby directly establishing a connection between the Google search users and the Author. You can learn about how to setup Google Authorship on your blogs and websites from here.

4. Social promotion is FREE for Google Plus when compared to FB

This is an area of discussion that people rarely explore. In Facebook, each time you post, the posts are only sent across to flash across the most engaged fans on Facebook. If you want a better reach, You must use the “Promote” or “Boost” option on Facebook. On the flip side, Google Plus does this social promotion for free to every single fan who are on your “circles”.

In addition, usage of #tags or hashtags have just been introduced on Facebook and have never been explored or used effectively yet on Facebook. Google+ has been using hashtags for quite sometime and the features on Google+ is extremely useful and feature rich.

5. Facebook does not encourage Social Business Networking as much as Google+

One striking difference between Facebook and Google Plus is that FB has been “purely” social in their strategies. There is not much place for a stranger in your Facebook friends list because FB is more people – people social networking. On the other hand, Google+ does effectively encourage networking between strangers because of the common factors the individuals have. These common factors could be a write up person A has written which is of interest to Person B. The tools like Authorship are great features that continues to stress on these aspects.

6. Google has Search market already captured

Google has been ruling the Search Engine arena for more than a decade and the Smart search platform is in no way threatened even now. Many times I’ve observed content from Google Plus posts appear above Organic search engine results too. This means Google themselves are indirectly telling you the “plus advantage”. It is upto you to hear that!

7. Google Plus is evolving faster than Facebook

If you compare the Facebook from when it started and what it is now, they have improved too. Certainly did Facebook add loads of new features like timeline, Facebook Graph, Hashtags, Facebook Home etc. But it is observed that common internet users have not welcomed all the new changes very well. Facebook remains still the most popular is because it has already captured the major chunk of the market when Google+ was never born. People would never want to be on two Social networking websites doing the same – either they quit one or remain where they are!

On the flip side, Google Plus has been adding several meaningful features in the recent times that is forcing people to give the “Plus” some attention. Features like Google+ Hangouts, Google+ Circles, Google Stream, are all unique ways to innovate. In addition, everyone likes the authentic clean designs that Google comes up with.

8. Facebook is their ONLY product and they’ve gone public!

Unlike Google Plus, Facebook alone is the only platform or product for the company which makes it tougher for them to make critical decisions. As Facebook has gone public(listed in stock market) they have to make clear choices between “People” and “Money”. I am not claiming that both aren’t linked with each other but some decisions could become difficult to take.

For example, Every business needs to have a business model and so does Facebook. Recently Facebook announced that they have One million active advertisers! Do you think this would make any difference to users like you and me? It was an announcement for the investors that the company is doing well and such reasons might make them forced to take decisions that could hurt the people using them.

On the other side, Google + is just one product of Google that they are still investing in an effort to grow the product. They do not have to force on making decisions to earn more and more importantly, they have several other products doing well.

9. The “Single Sign-On” factor (A big one)

[highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Google products that we use on a daily basis – Google Search, Google Email, Google OS for mobiles – Android, Google Chrome browser, Google Places, YouTube, Soon we would be using Google Glasses and Google Desktop operating systems[/highlight]Well, this is a big one! Let us name the few Google products that we use on a daily basis – Google Search, Google Email, Google OS for mobiles – Android, Google Chrome browser, Google Places, YouTube, Soon we would be using Google Glasses and Google Desktop operating systems. That makes it very obvious that Google product has become part of our daily life (we might not want a monopoly here but, that’s a truth).

Google Plus is part of this single sign on and this makes it another reason for you to be everywhere on the web and do everything with just one single user name and password. With 2 factor authentication and related security features, Google has done a great job securing that single sign on for us. In addition Google has really networked our desktops, laptops, browsers, phones, payment and

10. Google Plus Communities are “unique”

Google Plus has People, Communities and Brands. Similarly Facebook has People, Groups and Brands. Both share similar features but a major aspect on Google Plus is that you can even join a community as a brand! This makes a huge difference if you are a brand because it lets you interact with potential customers, discuss with the niche community and learn their opinions, take feedback and much more. All these are based on my personal experience, research and opinion, let me know what you feel about this?

Summary: Today Facebook is undoubtedly the No.1 Social networking website, followed by Google Plus (Quite far behind) but still they are the top 2! Google has enough reasons to be proud Google Plus and so does Facebook.

The coming days will tell us about who will survive, but time has shown us both cannot do it together! If Google Plus is able to deliver all that Facebook is doing now, the favorite choice could be G+ and Google is even backed by several solid “inhouse” products like Google Search, Google Maps,YouTube, Android etc.