10 Tips that has made me a better Affiliate Marketer

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Affiliate marketing, in the simplest term, is what an affiliate does to bring traffic to a merchant or seller’s website and they get rewarded for doing so. Affiliates can be made up of a person, network of people, company or organization. Their business is to bring customers or visitors to a merchant’s website. In the end, affiliates get paid a commission for referring customers to the merchant’s business. Affiliate marketing is primarily an internet-based activity.

How to Succeed with Affiliate Marketing

In comparison to older commission based businesses, affiliate marketing is a new form of internet marketing. The not too good thing is that there has been no standard to measure different affiliate marketing methods yet. Also, there is little or no training and certification as well as very little self regulation.

A question that will come to your mind as you embrace affiliate marketing is why certain affiliate sites are preferable to most others.

From a personal perspective, the following actions I took have helped to make me a more successful affiliate marketer. I’m sure they will make you one too:

1. Join affiliate programs resonate with your interests. This will make you interested in researching, knowing and sometimes buying the product to try it out. If you become an expert on a product, it would be to your benefit as an affiliate.

2.  Sincerely get to know your audience. Doing this makes you able to connect with the customers and position the product perfectly to suit their needs. Being truthful and helpful increases to the site’s credibility.

3.  Use of your own website so that you can customize it and differentiate yourself. This helps personal branding. You don’t have to be good at designing sites, you can outsource it – especially, in India. You guys have the most phenomenal web experts in the world. Doing this would attract more customers and viewers.

4. Be careful with exchanging reciprocal links with other marketers in the niche co me back to hurt you; if the marketer is newly into this method, it may be beneficial but for much older sites, standing-alone is a better option.

5. Despite this point above, join forums and discussion boards. It will help you. From that you can then formulate a customer-based solution with better participation on your part.

6.  Do you having your own newsletter or e-zine, it lets your site to stand out particularly if you have an outstanding presentation. This is something I haven’t been doing L

7. Start building your own email list via a landing page. It minimizes the risk of your page being labeled as a spamming site. It also lets the affiliate marketer to target the most qualified customers, increasing the conversion rate.

8. Of course to build a landing page, you would need an auto-responder program linked to your affiliate site to help save time with people who want to pursue more creative work.

9. Writing timeless but valuable articles and posting them on separate pages of your affiliate website would distinguish it. Generally, customers interested in a particular product will be on the look-out for the additional information.

10. Good content must be provided – videos, articles etc to whatever you support the website sales page. Choose your material carefully and change it regularly.  The world is fast changing with many options, don’t be lagging behind!

11. You may have to try out one or two programs before you hitting on the right one. However do give each its rightful space, before moving on.

12.  Finally, embrace patience – the rewards will more likely be gradual not immediate. With sincere effort and some hard worker’s bit of luck, you will be a successful affiliate marketer

About the Author: Segun adedokun is a successful Nigerian Entrepreneur /blogger who teaches other’s how to make money online at his blog internet-earner.com .


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