10 ways to Prepare Your Blog Before a Guest post

10 ways to prepare your Blog before writing a guest post

Guest posting is one of the best methods to publicize your blog or website.  The biggest advantage of guest posts are you are exposed to another blog’s audience and have an opening to impress a huge bunch of potential loyal visitors.

Often if your blog is not ready to receive the new traffic from a widely used blog, you tend to turn off the new visitors who might be interested to learn about you and your blog.

The major advantages of writing a guest post are:

  • Exposure to new readers from the target blog
  • Link juice from the dofollow byline
  • Reputation buildup in your niche
  • Potential Search engine traffic to the article

Today I will share some tips to make sure your blog is ready to take on the new wave of visitors and improve your chances of converting them to yours as well.

1. Make sure your blog has enough quality content that provides value

This is the most important point of all the 10 ways. Blogging is all about sharing information and delivering value to your visitors, the more value you provide; the more you would be appreciated and referred to. Hence make sure you do not present your blog with very little content that might look way too empty.

2. Have your best article as the most recent post

On an average a netizens discovers several new websites in a day and most of them fail to leave a mark in their mind, hence it is very important that you grab the opportunity by neck and put forward your best.

A new visitor is most likely to read the latest article that you have posted on your blog on his / her arrival at your blog. It is critical that your first impression lives up to their expectations from an expert. Having the best article posted on the front page would improve your chances of clipping them on to your blog as a regular visitor.

On the flip side, if the last article is less interesting and just another common article, it could lead to the visitor simply leaving your site.

3. Have an Opt-in feature ready to accept new subscribers

Newsletter subscription is one of the best methods that could be used to improve your website’s visitor loyalty. Not everyone might remember to visit your website and check for new information posted, hence it is your turn to remind them and say: “hey I have posted some new stuff!”

By publishing a guest post, you are inviting the target blog’s visitors to checkout your blog and it could be one golden chance to soak all of them into your mailing list, so don’t miss out on that opportunity.

4. Welcome the new visitors with a Freebie

Everyone loves free stuff! Be ready with a freebie of good value that you could welcome these new visitors to your blog. This could also improve your chances of obtaining a new subscriber to your blog.

The best method that worked really well for me to triple my email newsletter subscription rate is by offering a free eBook to my visitors. It is important that you offer some digital download of great value to convince them to opt-in.

5. Prepare a Guest post for a blog that shares your Niche expertise

Ideally for a guest post to be effective enough, the target blog for publishing the guest post should share the same niche as of yours. This improves your chances of the visitors being interested in your blog as well, since both of you share similar expertise.

6. Have an easy and impressive design + Navigation

It is often observed that 90% of the increasing bounce rates are only because of high loading time and non-friendly designs. It is not rocket science but very important that you maintain a very simple and easy to use blog theme to ensure the visitor does not leave the blog as soon as he or she enters.

7. Have a well crafted About us page

As soon as they find your blog interesting, the first information a new user would be looking for is “about the blog”. They would be interested to know who are behind this blog and the wonderful content. Make sure you have a interesting about us page with all the required information drafted in a good manner.

8. Prepare a catchy Byline to use below your guest post

The first source of information about the guest blogger would be the short byline that is posted below the post. Hence, make sure you have just the right information there. Talk about yourself in short and ensure the link back with the anchor text is working.

9. Use your best post as your Guest article

Guest blogging is simply about reputation building and your introduction to a new set of readers. It is very important that you put enough efforts on your research and article writing as it is going to be the door to new visitors on to your blog.

10. Have social media integrated with your blog

This is the era of Social media when each and every individual are very active on most of the social networking and micro-blogging websites. By integrating features like Facebook and twitter share buttons, you should close the hole of missing out on any opportunities to publicize your content.

Take Home: Guest posting is undoubtedly the best method to attract more visitors to your blog, especially if your blog is relatively a new one. Adopting the above methods would make sure that you can make the best use of the new traffic you receive as a result of writing a guest post for another established blog.

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