1000 Twitter Followers in 30 Days: How i did it

Intro: This is not another Trick or shortcut to success or not a Tool or Automation technique to increase your Twitter Followers, This is simply a small Plan that you would like to follow and I guarantee you 1000 Plus real followers in 30 Days time. Its Its worked for all my twitter accounts dear friends 🙂

Steps to Follow:

1. Make a Attractive Profile and make it look Impressive.
2. Enter your Twitter Bio with exact Keyword on Niche details
3. Make a List of the Big Fishes in your Niche.
4. Do a Controlled Follow Daily
5. Tweet Sensible
6. Follow back and Appriciate your Followers
7. Dont Spam or always Tweet URLs
8. Limit your Tweets
9. Unfollow those who dont follow you in every 3 days
10. Do the above daily in a systematic manner.

Make a Attractive Profile and make it look Impressive.

I personally would say Making your Twitter profile is the most important part of this story.

Points to take care of are:

– Have a Impressive Profile pic that would show that you are a Human
– The Profile pic should be Clean, Neat and very visible
– Your Twitter Profiel details should clearly have all the Niche keywords (followers thru search)
– Your twitter template or background: dont use a default one, Use one that you could download from http://www.twittergallery.com or you could design your own and upload in your twitter settings.

Enter your Twitter Bio with exact Keyword on Niche details.

As i quoted before, Lot of people search on twitter to follow users, they would search with keywords like “recipies” and follow all the 200 users listing on search. This way if you have the right keywords, you would not miss out potential followers.

Make a List of the Big Fishes in your Niche.

When you start following, first make sure you make a big list of all the big players in your niche. This website could help you find them: http://twitterholic.com or http://wefollow.com First make the list and follow the top 30 accounts. Logic behind this is, people follow their followers as well.

Do a Controlled Follow Daily

Please Do not overdo what ever tips i am giving here, Twitter has become very strict, if the observe any signs of automation they would ban you. So do not follow more than 40 -60 Accounts a day.

Tweet Sensible

Make sure that all your Tweets that you tweet are Sensible and informative. Do not Tweet for the sake of tweeting. When each tweets are informative, the number of people who would read it would also increase, there are possibilites of it being Re-tweeted as well.

Follow back and Appriciate your Followers

If a Persona follows you, Follow them back and Appriciate them following you by sending them a Direct message, They would not unfollow you and also the chances of them reading your tweet would also increase.

Dont Spam or always Tweet URLs

Limit your tweet count per day, Lets not annoy our followers with tweets and force them to un-follow us. Keep your Tweets Sweet and short.

Unfollow those who dont follow you in every 3 days

Either manually unfollow all those who dont follow you back every 3 days: This is to maintain a balance betweet the followed and follwers, If there is imbalance it would again cause twitter to police your account.

Additional Tip: there is a web based tool called SocialToo, at Socialtoo.com : This tool costs you only 5 USD for a lifetime account, it allows you to automatically follow all who follows you and unfollow all who dont follow you. This is approved by Twitter and this could help you keep your twitter account Clean.

Most Important: Be consistant in repeating these steps dailiy in a controlled manner and reply to me in 30 days, am sure you would have a smiling reply 🙂

Further Some Bonus Tips:

  • Dont Be Greedy: Twitter will kick your ass and Ban your account if you follow too many ppl and show signs of spamming.
  • Use Twitter the Twitter way: Take out time atleast once to send out your personal one liner or what you are working on.
  • If you write ebooks or provide downloads at your website, Do a “giveaway” – eg: Follow me and get me ebook
  • Put up a Follow me banner on your website
  • Write a “About me” on your website or Blog and add a “follow me” Button.

Note: once you have reached 1000 Plus, add a Twitter counter to encourage ppl to follow you., Hope you enjoyed this article.


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