12 Tips on writing content for your Blog

12 Tips on writing content for your Blog

Writing unique, high quality, outstanding articles for your blog is one of the most effective ways to do self branding on internet. If you write killer content, you naturally get connected to your readers. Apart from writing, one also needs to promote the articles, wherein he needs to know the key words his readers would be searching for. Thus the most important aspect is keyword research. A blog can be made popular by citation and affiliations. One has to keep many things in mind while writing a blog.

Here are some actionable steps:

1. To begin with one should keep his audience in mind. It is essential to know the segment of readers you are trying to focus.

2. You also need to understand your forte, where in you have best command and knowledge about the topic.

3. After which you need to build up a list of articles you can write for your niche readers. You must do some market research to understand the current trends and latest information about that topic you have decided to write for. Once you have picked up the best topic of your choice, you need to have a good title for that topic. Long titles with simpler words provide you more chances to get searched on internet. Also look for some mistakes which commonly occur with authors while writing on any topic, to avoid them from happening with you.

4. Once you initiate the process of writing try to keep your content original. At the same time keep honesty in your writing. Copying the content will not take you longer. Try using a focused approach with short sentences having a flow in the content.

5. Make your writing scalable. Use bullets, small paragraphs and good headings.

6. Key words and phrases which are commonly used on that topic will help you come higher in ranking with regards to search engine optimization.

7. Avoid using bold, italics and some other flashy styles too much. Simplicity and originality will make your post stand apart from the crowd. Remember that content is the king and originality is his queen.

8. Keep your content simple and concise. Sentences which have complicated words will not grab the attention of the readers. Hook your readers with to the point content and do not beat around the bush. Do not write dribble to waste the precious time of others. Always bear in mind that quality is above the quantity.

9. The tone and style should also be aligned to your topic. If required read some other articles in your niche to understand the tone required to write on that topic.

10. Try linking out to some other posts and community. Linking out gives your article authenticity, credibility and sense of community.

11. Do proof reading before you release your blog. The habit of proof reading will help you avoiding grammatical and spelling mistakes. It is also good to get your article proof read by someone else.

12. Lastly write to have fun and not as a responsibility. Your readers can cherish your post, only if you have enjoyed writing it. Remember what comes from the heart goes straight to the heart.

So, are you ready to craft your killer post? Hope you Enjoyed the tips on writing some great content for your blog.

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