12 WordPress Plugins to monetize your Blog

A True blogger would blog for the real pleasure that he or she gets from being the author a Blog that is being read by many loyal visitors. But its often understandable that Pleasure is not all and it wouldnt help us all the way through to make a living and support the infrastructure.

The true love for your job or work is achieved when you really enjoy what you really do, So basically for you to enjoy the writing you shouldnt have the “earning” thought in your mind. The first step towards this is patience to build up a blog with unique content and quality articles. Once you have it with various methods you can monetize your blog, one of the method for that would be discussed below : Usage of Plugins that would help you to monetize your blog with ease.

  1. WordPress Link Cloaks Allows People To Automatically And Easily Cloak As Many Links As They Want On Their WordPress Blog Through Their Admin Panel.
  2. OIOpublisher is an ad manager with a focus on performance, control and ease of use. Serve advertising on your blog or website and keep 100% of the revenue you bring in.
  3. Ninja Affiliate is WordPress plugin developed to imbue lethal marketing powers into your WordPress blog and instantly double or triple your affiliate marketing commissions with almost no effort on your part.
  4. Wishlist Member allows you to create a powerful and fully customizable membership system. Plus its all based on the WordPress platform.
  5. JobPress is a WordPress theme that turns your website / blog into a fully functional Job Board. Its easy to use and install, plus you can monetize your job board.
  6. Max Banner Ads Plugin – Allows you to display banner ads easily on your blog. You can also get complete stats to see how well each ad is performing, and it support Ad sense or other Javascript based ads as well. A free version is available, with credits back to the plugin page.
  7. Ninja Affiliate Plugin – Allows you to automatically convert keywords on your blog to affiliate links. Extremely useful to automate affiliate marketing on your blogs, and even more useful if you have multiple blogs to manage.
  8. LightPop Plugin – Allows you to create a “lightbox” popup on your blog, which can be used to get new subscribers, display an ad, announce important information, or anything you want.
  9. Auto Social Poster – Allows you to automatically submit blog posts to a number of social bookmarking services. Te time-delay and random submission feature helps you
  10. WP Review Site – Allows you to create a product review blog using WordPress, complete with themes and additional stuff. You can automatically rank products on your main page, and you can choose to apply the plugin to certain categories only.
  11. WP Blaster – Create one post or content, and “blast” it to many different WordPress blogs that you own. Suitable for blog farm builders
  12. Synonymizer Plugin – Probably better known among niche blogging marketers, who use a lot of Private Label articles. Synonymizer automatically creates unique articles by replacing words with synonyms, and youo have complete control over how words are replaced.


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