3 Secrets on How to Get Targeted Quality Followers on Twitter


Twitter!! Do you already know what is is (i assume ) or are you waiting for me or other pals on the web to tell you… If yes your are missing the Biggest Social Networking and linking tool !!

I have not used Twitter very effectively untill a few weeks ago although i had an account for a very long time…and i really repend on that..cos what i have missed out is not just a few tweets…but a huge visitor base who could potentially build my website traffic by many folds.

In twitter, The basic mantra or Thumb rule is FOLLOWERS, Without followers do you have any clue who will follow you to your websites or read your tweets? So getting maximum number of followers is the game.

Method 1: the simplest method – Search ” web designers ” or “web develoment ” or ” SEO ” and add all the people you find or follow them, eventually you will find them following you too.

Method 2: (best one) is called the HASH TAG method – is one way that I started to use recently to find birds of the same flock.  Find the  “search” tab at the bottom of twitter.  Use that to search for keywords as i said before or use the hash tag symbol – # .  for example you want to find articles about “web site designing” or “ SEO ”.  The hash tag search would be #webdesign or #SEO.  This will return all articles that use those specific hash tags.  These tweets will also be more potential followers that the general public on twitter.

Method 3: Re tweet : select, copy and paste the article into the “What are you doing” box and use the “retweet” feature with a reply notice to the writer.  To make a reply notification you include the @ sign in front of their name like @orangecopper.  Then you put the retweet symbol which is the two letters RT and then the copied message. Here You have notified the writer that you are following him or her, and you also thought enough of one of their posts to retweet it.  Nothing gets attention better than retweets because that is what everyone is hoping for all the time and what helps to make certain messages go viral.  This person will no doubt follow you and may be even re tweet your articles 🙂

I hope the tips help and i will be adding more and more tips to help Twitter to hep you 🙂

Cheers, joshu, OC


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