3 ways to Jumpstart your new blog success

Often we have seen a lot of tips to improve traffic for your blog. But each time I start a new blog, most of those techniques fail to work. The reason is only because my blog is a NEW one! Today we would discuss simple methods to jumpstart your new blog’s incoming traffic that really worked well for me.

Be prepared before you really start off

It’s important that your blog does not look too empty and so very new to any new visitor to your blog. So have the minimum required information ready for your blog before you give it the big launch. It would be a good idea to have 10 – 15 articles published and have your blog archives distributed among few months to give an impression that your blog is been there for a while and have enough information to take a look right away.

Announce your arrival

If you already have successful blogs, make sure you announce the launch of the new blog. In addition, you should do the basic directory submission of your blog’s URL with the right anchor text and do basic promotional activities to announce your blog’s arrival.

Guest posting is most effective for a jumpstart

Guest posting is one of the most powerful way to introduce your blog to new potential loyal visitors from other blogs. There are a huge number of blog which accept quality guest posts and allow a link back to your blog. Always make sure you give your best post while doing a guest post, it always works great for me to bring a lot of new visitors and subscribers to my blog.

PS: there is lot many ways to jumpstart your new blog, like effectively using social networking etc. but the key is to provide regular high quality content and information and it would certainly spread the news and do the trick!


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