4 Simple tools for smart blogging

Its time for us to quickly adapt to the changing blogsphere. It’s the age of smart blogging where bloggers do not spend hours on typing, formatting and scheduling their posts. Today I would share 4 simple tools that could make your blogging experience simpler and far easier.

Metapad is a small, fast and free text which is similar and a better replacement for the MS office notepad. It could easily replace your note pad as it has the same features and much more advanced add on features that could improve your blogging experience.

Achieve Planner – Its an excellent time management tool that helps you to easily manage and schedule your meetings, projects and most importantly your time!

ClipMate – This is an excellent tool to manage and use your clip board data efficiently. This eases your long copy paste chores.

Direct Access – An excellent Microsoft light tool that would help you speed up typing regular paragraphs, lines and canned emails.

Evernote – For storing all the notes in one easily accessible place.