5 Most Important To Do s for a New Blog Launch

There is nothing more exiciting than startying your own blog on the niche that really intersts you and the prospective visitors to your Blog.  And guess what ? its more exciting when you see your Blog doing well and imagning you sitting there on your lappy and viewing the visitor stats after all that hard work you have put up for brining up your blog.

So i guess you would be already knowing that how easy it is to start a blog and how difficult it is to keep it going with Quality content that is unique ! ( the most important part ) so Prepare yourself before you plunge into the web ocean. Below are listed a few most important things in your ToDo list you have to do before launch of your blog.

1. First Impression when someone visits your Blog

Be ready with a stunning design or hire a designer to do that, because i ve seen many blogs that have really quality content but still you feel like leaving the blog beacause of the non user friendly look.

2. Grear up your self as an admin

Be ready with your google, google webmaster accounts, google analytics, Feedburner accounts so that you can get your blog equipped when you start off itself.

3 Plugins and Widgets

Be ready with all the required basic and important plugins for wordpress that would help your blog to take-off well in all arena, be it user experience, features, SEO etc. ( Read this: 30 Best wordpress Plugins required for Any WP Blog )

5. Have your Social networking accounts ready to shoot.

Social networking has grown big time and is one important weapon in any webdesigners or developers or any blogger’s arsenal, so have your all SN ids setup and ready

6. Content , Content and more Content

The Most important part, Before you are launching your website, have enough and more contents that would keep your blog running for a period of atleast 2 months, so that your blog is always daily updated and has unique contents always.

7. Welcome your visitors with Gifts and give aways

Its important to keep your visitors charged up. we meet hundreds of people in our life, how many would you recollect ? So its important that you leave a mark in your visitors mind, that can be achived with some give aways, offers etc.  So that your blog catches some attention.

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