5 pillars of successful ProBlogging

5 pillars of successful ProBlogging

ProBlogging is not all about simply writing an article and waiting for people to read it. The truth is that there are several blogs writing great content, the problem here is that either no one discovers the content or the design of the blog drives the users away from reading the content.Below are the list of few critical aspects that you need to consider for professional blogging.

1. Niche expertise and writing quality: this is the foremost reason for the success of any blog. It’s vital that you choose a niche that you are ether an expert or really passionate about. the quality of content and value you offer simply drives a user to your blog repeatedly.

2. Basic SEO knowledge to stay on the top: SEO is still the foundation on which your blog content needs to be placed to make sure it reaches the masses.

Do not ignore the importance of SEO by complaining that you are not a geek. Actually the basic SEO can be done by anyone with the help of 2 simple plugins I use:

1. All in one SEO pack
2. Seopressor plugin

Both these plugins are all about helping not techie users to do everything that an SEO expert would do. Both these excellent plugins take care of every on page SEO factor and you can so off page SEO by simply linking to this article from external sources.

3. Basic design knowledge:

A blog looking like a raw blog with any default theme is always a turn down with several low quality lookalike blogs, so make sure you standout atleast from them!

Design could be a tricky job and if you do not know how to tweak or customize a blog design, I would suggest you to check out low priced professional blog themes on sale. Elegant themes is an awesome collection of 70 plus blog designs for a mere 39 USD (your one day expense at least) and the results are awesome – this blog uses an elegant theme!

4. Social media and publicizing: the world is better connected on the social media than with roads! With such a great opportunity to spread your name and words you should be considering to use these great tools to the optimum.

Facebook and twitter should do the job if you don’t want to create accounts all over the web. Create a fan page and promote it through your website, also make sure you enable auto tweeting of your blog posts to your followers.

5. Networking with other niche bloggers: try to connect and network with other blogs and blog owners in your niche. This helps you to learn and do more! Make sure you at least write 2 guest posts for other blogs a month, this will help you improve your brand identity and get loads of referred new visitors to your blog.

Take home: blogging is not all about endless writing from your closed room, it’s a combination of various activities! The most important factor should be the question – are you enjoying doing it?


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