5 Simple steps to set up your Squidoo Lens

Here are some simple steps to build your on Squidoo lenses to get it up and running.

1. First step towards creating a Squidoo lens is finding a topic that you like to write a Lens on

2. You can use google Trends or Yahoo Buzz to find out a topic of high demand and create a lens on that topic.

3. Google and find every information on the topic and create a neat word document with images, links etc.

4. Create a Squidoo account and start off. Be sure to choose the option that indicates you want to earn money from your lens.

5.  Organize the data and upload it to the new Squidoo lens and make sure you have all the options and modules in the wizard ccomplete.

Once completed , you are ready to publish, so publish it and also try to promote it by putting your squidoo lens at forums etc for additional traffic !



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