5 Smashing Twitter Profile Creation Tips

5 Smashing Twitter Profile Page Creation Tips

Twitter is a social networking site with micro blogging facility which allows one to send instant messages aka Tweets. After searching a great keyword one can optimize his/her twitter page to create a wonder profile for him/her. Especially if you are using twitter for business purpose you must see that your profile is perfectly created with no room for error. Your Twitter profile can help you build good relationship with your clients and followers. It can also help you make money, if crafted correctly!

1. Use of Appropriate Twitter BIO and Profile Picture

To begin with, the first and the foremost thing should be one’s own picture and bio-data for creating a smashing twitter profile. In the BIO one can tell about his own self, his interests and rationale with twitter. The appropriate words must be chosen to define one’s potential areas and work expertise. Another very important thing is your picture which people see, as soon as they enter your twitter profile. Thus one should try using his real picture with a good pose and gesture so that you can use it for business correspondences on twitter.

It is highly recommended that you don’t use a logo but preferably a face shot of you so that people get personal with connections. In any case, do not leave the default “egg” as such. It is one of the reasons why you don’t get Twitter followers.

2. Have a genuine “Tweet Style”

After your Bio is set you can start commuting with people of similar interests. As you just have 160 words to describe yourself, use them judiciously.  Try maintaining natural readability in your bio. In the Title Tag use the keywords where as in Description Tag you can give the details in natural writing. Do not use same keywords over and over again. To be on the safer side put all your keywords to the left of the One Line Bio in the first 140 characters.

3. Twitter profile usage Best Practices and SERPs

Few more things to bear in mind are, to use search engine friendly because they will be seen on the Twitter Timeline and will also be used on SERP of all major search engines. Use your local language in which you are tweeting and choose name with broad or long tail with major keywords.  The keywords in your name should be user friendly as it will not only be shown in the title of the SERP, which theoretically helps you ranking better; it will also give others a brief idea what your tweets are about. You might get many followers and targeted audience due to a grand username. More Info URL would help Twitter page ranking and people will get to know more about your business and interests. Keep the keywords in first 10 characters of the URL. You can also create a sub domain with your keyword to get faster results.

4. Don’t Look Plastic. Be Real!

In my opinion this is the most important Twitter tip I could share with you. You Twitter profile and tweets should never look automated or feel like a BOT message, it should have your personal touch. Personalized tweets get noticed quickly and if your followers feel that your tweets are coming from a real person unlike many other accounts on the web, they will start noticing.

5. Your Twitter Profile Promotion and Publicizing

Lastly have quality content as twitter pages have their own ranking which is directly related to link building activity. So if you have more people who follow or back tweet, you will have more chance that your back link will count. In order to pull attract more references (reply and re-tweet) and followers, and build lots of links (reference) to your twitter page from your own blogs and others at the same time, carry quality content in your profile.

Take Home: Twitter is an awesome micro blogging tool that is very widely used. Keep it simple and real – you will certainly find a great deal of success from Twitter and the TweeTraffic!!