5 Tips for Viral Re-Tweeting

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Basics: Whats Retweet
Whe you Tweet a message in Twitter and some other Twitter user uses an option called “Retweet” to send the same message to His followers, this is called as “Re-Tweeting” Similar to Forwarding an email or re sending an email referring to you.

How to increase your Tweet’s Visibility and tempt other users to re-tweet? Here are some Effective Tips

1. Keep your message Short and Impressive:
Use Short, Simple and catchy Tweets, that would convey your message clearly. also Twitter allows a tweet with a 140 Characted limit, so makesure the retweet also remains in that 140 Characters, So leave some more character space for a re-tweet and dont fill up your entire 140 Chara limit

2. Use URL Shortners like bit.ly so that the link with URL rewrites are short and this saves some space.

3. Research have been showing that some keywords are most liked and a few of them are: “social media”, “check out”, “blog post”, “top”, “please”, “help” and “free” and avoid using tweeting useless and un intersting messages just for the sake of being active.

4. I have read many a times on the web about twitter researchers speaking about The Best time for Tweeting is on Weekends (friday) and Most visibility for tweets are at the 4 – 6 PM EST timings.

5. IF you are using WordPress or other CMS, you would get plugins like “Easy Retweet” that would add a Re-Tweet Button to your posts and this would infact encourage users to retweet.



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