5 Tips on the Right Blogging Approach

I usually have a habit of stumbling across new blogs to understand the sprouting trends in the Blogosphere. There are a number of promising bloggers and impressive blogs that have been consistently providing quality content and information to its readers in the past 1 year time. Also there are exponentially huge numbers of bloggers who aimlessly write number of articles and dump content on to their blog expecting a great traffic counting on their posting frequency. Today, I would discuss on the right approach that a new blogger should have each time one writes a new post.

1. Understand your audience to the core

Start right from the root of the tree – Identify what is your blog specialty and the unique niche that you want to grow in. The key to write a great post is to start by identifying what your readers are eager to learn from you, so make sure you do not wander away and do stick to the basics. Write about a topic within your niche and make sure your article is helpful and would benefit your readers for sure!

2. Be Selfless and give it away

Always be selfless when you give away advice – It’s a great method to win hearts and loyal readers. When you give away loads of useful information for free and make it a point that you stuff your post with more and more quality and unique information that will certainly make your blog unique.

3. Show them how you did it

There is no better way than telling your readers how you did it! It’s the most motivating and appreciated approach to give examples, evidences and proofs along with information to boost your credibility as a Pro in your niche. In case you have not enough to say how you did it, you could still share how others have done it, it will also be appreciated and will certainly motivate your readers.

4. Be simple and get the idea across

Simplicity, modesty and frankness are important traits for any blogger. Keep your articles simple and informative. Avoid usage of too many images, fancy fonts and distractions. Concentrate in getting the idea across to your readers by explaining them in simple paragraphs with sub headings and data points.

5. Interact

Posting a great article on your blog is not just enough. Make sure you promote the new article, link to it and the most importantly interact with your visitors. Its critical that you respond to each and every comments on your blog posts at least until the day your blog is flooding with comments.


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