5 Ways a Blogger can Save Time for Blogging

5 Ways a Blogger can Save Time for Blogging

Nowadays its not wrong to say that if one is not outside, then he/she is on the Facebook. Internet and social media has become inseparable parts of our daily life and one can imagine not saying “hello” in real life but cant miss out liking their pictures on the web.

Being a Blogger, the major challenge is being capable of effectively managing our time and fruitfully use it to our best. Often, we end up straying around on the web in the process of writing a blog post. Twitter, Facebook, News, Instant messaging clients and even Google could become a reason of distraction when you are connected to the internet and still on a task. Below are few tips that could help you save your precious time when trying to write good quality content for your Blog.

Cut the Browser: While writing content for your blog, its not always a great idea to do it from your browser. In fact there are better ways to blog. I use Windows Live Writer to write content on my blog and it works much better than logging into the dashboard and taking all the pain to fit in your article into the browser based text box. On the live writer, its configure and forget! each time you write an article, you can simply open up the application and write content without being disturbed by the internet, browser or related stuff. Just craft your content, save it as draft and publish when ever you want to.

Kill the habit of frequently checking Stats: Even I have made this mistake of being tempted to check your website statistics over and over again! Believe me, its firstly frustrating and secondly of no use! The numbers barely change if you keep checking, so why not use that time for something more fruitful or even why not take some rest?

Be organized and have a Plan: Its often very difficult to find time to blog when we have a number of other priorities in life. Its not really fair enough to spend all your time on everything else in your life and yet asking your self – “why my blog isn’t really successful?”. Blogging success demands loads of commitment, patience and perseverance. A wise blogger would have a defined plan, scheduled approach and organized strategy when it comes to managing all the tasks together.

Avoid local distractions while Blogging: Having a very crystal clear mind is important when it comes to brainstorming for ideas and crafting a blog post. Distractions are possible when we are either travelling or just amidst several chores. Try to avoid being the center of attraction (at least when you are blogging), find a peaceful place to calmly write your content and stay away from people or places that could continue to distract you. I try to blog away from people and sometimes even listen to soothing music while writing content.

Jot down all the points before you start to write: It often happens that you start writing and waste a lot of time thinking about the points and placements within an article. It’s a smart approach to have a skeleton of the article you are planning to write about. Having a outline of the article and its content jotted down in points could ensure you are not wasting any time and in addition, not missing out any critical point within the article.